Best Lip Balms for Dark lips

Best Lip Balms for Dark lips

Lip balms are an excellent solution for healing chapped and dry lips during this winter season. It not only treats and repairs the soreness of the lips but also helps to expose your lips fuller and moisturized.

In addition to this, there are also wide varieties of lip balms available in the market which specially treats different kinds of lips such as dark lips, fuller lips and smaller lips.

In case, if you have dark lips, how to choose the best lip balm to lighten your dark lips?

Thus, this article may help you to choose the best Lip balms for dark lips.


  1. Herbal Lip balm from Himalayas:

This is 100% Ayurveda product and contains only natural substances such as wheat germ oil, carrot seed oil and does not contain any chemicals that may harm your skin.

Its price is dead cheap and comes in a tube like product with a screw cap. It is a pocket friendly product and can be easily applied by gently squeezing the tube. The main use of this lip balm is that it helps in delaying the ageing symptoms on your lips.

The ingredients such as wheat germ oil that contain antioxidant properties and carrot seed oil which acts as a skin rejuvenating agent and SPF extracts protect your lips from darkening. Once applied, this lip balm stays for 2 long hours.


  1. Lip Balm from Khadi:

This is again an herbal product which contains only natural ingredients such as beeswax, Almond oil, vegetable oil, Kokum butter and shea butter and is suitable for both men and women.

It comes in an attractive pot like structure with a screw lid. Also, it is a very good product to treat dark lips since it contains only natural elements rather than any chemical substances. This white gel sits gently on your lips for 2 hours.

This product gives best result when applied continuously during the night time.


  1. Nivea Lip balms:

As we know, Nivea is a very famous lip balm brand in India and its latest Repair and protect lip balms are the excellent lip balms which keeps the skin color intact without darkening. Thus, when applied regularly it heals and repairs dark lips with its natural extracts such as almond oil, grape seed extract and shea butter.

It is a simple product which is highly effective in repairing and protecting cracked and damaged lips very quickly.



  1. Lip balms from Avon:

This is a very famous product among the youngsters since it can be applied by both men and women. It has no glossy effect or flavor and thus becomes an excellent lip product to heal the damaged lips of women and also men.

These lip balms are also available in different shades and colors and come in a form of chapstick which makes it easy to apply. Its main ingredient is aloe vera which treats dark lips and helps to lighten dark lips.



  1. Baby lips from Maybelline:

Maybelline baby lips lip balms are very famous in market nowadays which helps in treating dark lips. This lip balm contains SPF 20 which protects your lips from sun rays and thus makes your skin lighten. They are available in different shades and colors.

This product locks the moisture on your lips for 8 hours if once applied. Thus, to heal your dark lips apply it regularly when you step out in sun.



  1. Lip balm from Burt Bee:

This is an excellent lip balm which treats dark lips with the help of extracts such as pomegranate oil which protects skin and hair, canola oil and coconut oil. It slowly lightens the dark lips when applied twice daily. For best results, apply it once during night time and again apply it once during day time.

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