Best leucine rich food

Best leucine rich food

Did you heard about lysine? Leucine is an amino acid just like lysine it has many benefits which people don’t know. Leucine is also an amino acid that is essential for the muscle development. If we include leucine rich foods in our diet then it supply essential amino acid in our body an also can store it for longer time. Our body needs 39mg of leucine per kilogram of our total body weight. It also slows down the process of muscle impairment.


Sources of leucine:-

Beef (grilled):- steak is used to make delicious meat. If you consume it after grilled, then it is rich in protein and also very tasty. Beef is rich in leucine and it contain 116% of leucine according to recommended diet.

Soya beans:- as we know that soya bean is one of the healthy food and also rich in antioxidant. You can take it after cook it like a vegetable. It contains 118% of leucine according to recommended dietary plan.

Parmesan cheese:- parmesan cheese is the richest food source for leucine. It contains 121% of leucine according to recommended diet. It means if you include it in our diet there is no need to think more about it.

Tuna (cooked):- tuna is a fish which is rich source of leucine. But it has more beneficial if you use it fresh and cooking it.

Pork (cooked):- Normally pork is rich source of Trans fat and calorie. So it is bad for heart due to its richness in fat. But it is also rich source of 94% of recommended dietary plan.

Pumpkin seeds:- pumpkin seed also a rich source of leucine which contain 87% of leuine according to dietary plan.

Octopus (cooked):- cooked octopus contains 77% of leucine according to dietary plan.

White beans:- White beans has 22% of leucine which is less but is a good so take it.

Include these foods in your diet for the healthy leaving. If you are vegetarian then you can try vegetarian food but if you are non vegetarians then you have more choice.

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