Lacto Calamine is a very well-known brand which transcended many generations, today when we went to the market for buying some effective products which soothe our skin we always get confused because they’re there is thousands of verities promising so much for proper care are present in market, But if we are looking for a product which is really very effective and stick to words what they promises and which suited almost every skin type then Lacto Calamine is a very good choice to choose. Lacto calamine is also have some medical properties that is why many people use it in curing cuts, wounds burns etc. This brand has wide range of skin products lotions to creams and many others as well.


The popular variant of Lacto calamine lotion is Lacto calamine classic. This pinkish liquid works wonders for every skin types, Oil control lotion of Lacto calamine is an effective product for people having oily skin, and people who has dry or combination skin Lacto calamine hydration suits them effectively.

  • KEY INGREDIENST- Key ingredients which make this formula so effective is Kaolin, glycerine and zinc oxide these are the basic ingredients which makes Lacto calamine so effective which works for every skin types and some other natural ingredients whom having so many skin friendly properties also use in Lacto calamine. Other ingredients are castor oil, propylene glycol zinc carbonate.

Kaolin clay helps in exfoliating all the dead cells gently and also has property of soaking unwanted excess oil from your skin. So do the other ingredients zinc oxide helps in keeping blemishes at bay and soothes your skin gently, Glycerine has properties of moisturiser so it helps your skin maintaining the proper moisture in your skin all of them having so many properties which soothes your skin and make your skin looks so healthy and radiant.

Lacto calamine acts as an effective exfoliant and also gently sloughs away dead skin cells and maintains a shield which prevents your skin from so many skin related troubles.

HOW TO USE-The use of Lacto calamine moisturizer is quite simple .Just shake it well before  you use this product and then apply this lotion gently in dots of your skin. Massage the lotion gently and slowly at circular motion at least 30-35 seconds. And for best results use this lotion twice in a day and definitely soon you get very soft and supple skin.

-For preventing your skin from harmful sun rays Lacto calamine have one product which is quite affordable, Lacto calamine is quite known for its products quality and also very well-known because the range of these products are quite affordable. Like lotions the sunscreen of Lacto calamine is also very effective which works wonders at very minimum price.

  • LACTO CALAMINE MOISTURISERS-Lacto calamine provides you moisturisers for different skin type .for those whom having oily skin type Lacto calamine provides a moisturizer having the goodness of lemon extracts and SPF 30 which not only helps in get rid of unwanted oil from your skin it also prevent your skin from evil effects of sun and on the other hand for people having dry or combination skin lacto calamine provides a moisturizer having goodness of aloe Vera extracts and SPF30 which hydrate your skin and maintains the proper moisture of your skin and it again helps you against UV Rays comes from sun. to the mar

-So hope this discussion about Lacto calamine skin care products can helps you when next time you went to the market for choosing some effective skin care products which soothes your skin as well which soothe your pocket too.

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