Best Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

Best Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

Are you going to married in upcoming days and worried about how your makeup and looks will go? Then you need not to worry anymore because we have come with important tips to help you look adorable and just like a princess on your very very special day. Along with being conscious about your bridal dress and outfits, you need to be careful about your makeup too. Because a good makeup will enhance your beauty and your dresses as well. So read this guide on Indian Bride Makeup and achieve a perfect look for your wedding.


Pre-Marriage Preparations

Before you get set for the wedding day you need to take attentive care of your skin and hair. Don’t just rely on the wedding day makeover but you should give your skin internal healing power so that it can have natural glow and radiance. It is always a good idea to hair spa, body spa, facials, face packs and other nourishing things in your pre marriage preparations as these will help to intensify your beauty and your final wedding makeup will work amazingly.


Wedding Day Makeup–

Tips For face Makeup

  • First you need to cleanse your face with a good quality cleanser. After cleansing apply a thin moisturizing cream or lotion to your face. You should select appropriate moisturizing lotion as per your skin type.


  • Once you moisturized your skin, apply primer to your face. Primer will help to last your makeup for long thus preventing your looks to ruin even if your wedding ceremony will take longer time.


  • If you have spots, marks or any sort of scars on skin then apply a good concealer to hide all such Colored concealer can also help you to brighten tone of your skin.


  • Use a right type of foundation with a right type of shade and apply to your face and neck. You need to apply a lit bit of powder after applying foundation to set it at place.


  • Apply an appropriate blush to your cheeks. It will intensify your smile and make you look fresh.


Make Tips For Eyes

  • First apply a very light base of eye shadow and then use your favorite eye shadow color. Eye Color should match your outfits.


  • Apply a gel based eye liner using a perfect thin brush. Don’t forget to use mascara for your eye lashes as it will highlight your eyes and let them look more beautiful.


Tips For Lips Makeup

For your lips it is a good idea to first apply a quality lip balm before lipstick. You can use a lip liner of a color similar to the color of your lipstick. After that apply your favorite lipstick. Once you are done with lipstick use a coat of clear lip gloss to give your lips a glossy shade.

But remember your lipstick should match your wedding dress, otherwise it will ruin all your makeup efforts. So lipstick choice should be perfect, as lips are most attractive and colorful part of your face and these should look adorable.


Tips For Hairstyle

Hairstyle is most important in your looks. So you should choose perfect hairstyle that can suit your personality, your outfits and your bridal looks. Do a good research before your wedding to decide on the ideal hairstyle. Also consult your makeup artist regarding this so that he or she can explore a perfect hairstyle for you.


Hope this detailed makeup guide will help you to get ready for your wedding without difficulties. Follow all these tips and see how your wedding day will become memorable with your unique and perfect looks. We hope your special day becomes happiest day of your life and you can get ready just as you have thought about yourself.

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