Best Homeopathy Treatments For Skin Problems

Best Homeopathy Treatments For Skin Problems

When we heard about Homeopathy apace the first question comes in our mind that is what is homeopathy treatment? And the answer is ‘ Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine.’ It was created by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796.

Skin conditions depend on diverse numbers of factors, such as hormone imbalance,stomach problems, blood impurity, pollution, bad habits like Smoking-Drinking, being careless for skin, busy life style etc.

Homeopathy is very influential in treating various skin case like Acne, eczema, Allergic dermatitis, rashes, Lichen Planus, Urticarial, Psoriasis and other variantsmalady.

I’m going to show a list of treatments in homeopathy for skin malady, which if you follow you will get amazing results. Take a look


  • Graphite:this a remedy of all skin malady. It is so helpful in most of skin problem like dryness, itching, bends of joints, acne etc. Graphite is consider as great remedy in almost all kind of skin problems but some some time due to misprescription it is disappoints you. So you can use this remedy with a bit awareness the symptoms for it are most scabby eruption on face between fingers and at behind your ears etc. some times you find corners of the mouth and eyes cracked are some symptoms. Eruption is always accompanies with great tchin and it effects your skin and hair as well. Homeopathy gives you a really natural treatment. so it is safe and secured.


  • Pulsatilla: Pullsatilla is very important remedy . it is very useful in skin rashes and sun burn problems. In winters we easily get nettle rashes, give yourself a good treatment by homeopathy with pulsatilla. It can be remove all rashes from your skin certainly and makes your skin soft. It can be healed Acne also.


  • Rhus Toxicodendron:this is very effective in treating and controlling Eczema. In Eczema, your skin get many scorchincluding tingling, itching, swelling, internal blooding etc. and the worst part is that symptoms get strong at nights. Moisturizing lotions van provide only temporary comfort. So if you not get right treatment on time your condition can be goes more problematic. Rhus tox is very good option in this disease.


  • Sulphur: sulphur is best remedy for skin disease. It is very powerful to remove dark spots from bottom of the skin. it can be so relaxing in burred areas on face. If your skin so dull you also get help from sulphur. It also can treat very acne and eczema as well.


  • Arsenicum:Arsenicum consider as a effectual remedy in all skin problems such as chronic eczema and chronic urticarial. In this skin start sensations like itching swelling and burning and also has pimples and rashes. Ulcers in with burning sensitive offensive discharge and it is specific for shell fish hiver effects of itch and burns and also for reprocessed hives. Pellagra some times find it simillimum in arsenicum. Which effects ingrocerisiten and eruption on back of the hands. It also useful in pellagra and also phosphorus and Argentum nitrcium, Ring worm moist eruption.


  • Sepia –If you have problem of herpes sepia is a best recommended medicine for you . This medicine helps you in treating herpetic problems around your joints behind your ears . This homeopathic medicine also helps you in treating eczema on hands and helps in dry and rough skin and also effectual medicine in treating Psoriasis.


  • Cantharis – Cantharis is effect full in treating burns or treating skin that having a condition very similar to burns and also helps iterating many other skin problems like sun burns , insect bites etc.
    With the use of these remedy you can very much get rid from these problems.

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