Best homeopathic medicines to treat grey hair

Best homeopathic medicines to treat grey hair

Nowadays, greying of hair problem is increases day by day specially in youngsters. Due to lots of reason like improper diet, bad lifestyles, and other problems, you want to face this type of problem. You can also treat them by using hair dyes, heena that can hide your white hair, but this is the temporary solution. You can also treat them by taking proper diet and living healthy lifestyles. So you can also try allopathic medicines which have great effect in greying of hair. And the main thing allopathic medicines do not have any side effect. Then for you homeopathy medicines are best and good for your health.

Here we describe some homeopathic medicines for you.


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Homeopathic Medicines: – Some of the homeopathic medicines are here which are very useful for you.

  • Phosphoric acid: – phosphoric acid medicine is best for treating grey hair and also gives you great results and also effective for falling of hair problem. This medicine is recommended if you feel weakness. It also helps to restoring your hair colour back.


  • Psorinum: – This medicine is best for treating greying of hair, oily scalp, dry hair etc. This medicine is best for stopping of greying of hair.


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  • Lycopodium: – Lycopodium is best for gastric problem. This medicine also does not have any side effects. Usually doctors recommend these medicines for patient specially for greying of hair. This is excellent medicine for treating pigmentation which occur in spots.


  • Phosphorus: – This medicine not only treats the greying of hair but also prevent further greying of hair. . It is recommended also for itchy scalp and very useful for hair fall and dandruff. This medicine also increases the desires of ice-creams, juices, and cold drink. So just try this medicine and have great effect to your hair and reduces the stress of greying of hair.

Whenever you have this kind of hair problem then you can try these medicines but after prescribed by doctor. Because doctor first check and want to found the main reason of greying of hair. After that prescribed some right medicine for you.


Recommended some dietary changes:-                       

  • You should include milk products in your diet like yoghurt, milk.
  • Food rich in vitamin B is must to eat like yeast, wheat germ etc.
  • Iron is also very effective to prevent greying of hair. It is must to add in your diet like carrots, bananas, beet root, tomatoes, apple etc.
  • Curry leaves also very beneficial for hair but very few people know about that. Curry leaves helps in strengthen the roots of hair and gives them original back.

These are some dietary items of food, if you include them in your diet then it is very helpful for you and lessened your worries about your hair and you can easily enjoy your life.


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