Best hair serum

Best hair serum

Some time hairs become so non shine and dull hair serum is one of best way to treat this type of hairs. Simple hair serum is so important for hair to apply. If we going for outing or apply any type of heating in hair like straighter and curler then it’s must that we apply serum on hair. Serum can helps to harm hair from pollution and heating and all type of chemical also. If we use serum after shampoo then it will condition hair and make hair shine smooth and non freeze there are so many serum are available at market today which are so easily to use and apply.


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  • Streax Hair Serum–

Price: Rs. 175.

Use for–this serum is so good for dry fizzy and non shine rough hair. It will repair your entire hair problem and make hair good and healthy. It will naturally condition your hair and make hair texture smooth and shine. It will manage your hair whole day as it was for last longer day.


  • Dove Nourishing Oil Serum–

 Price: Rs. 300.

Use for–we found vita oil texture in this serum which make hair shine and smooth and soft. It will helps hair to stay hair smooth and non fizzy for last longer. It will avoid the problem of unmanaged and fizzy hair problem.


  • Habib hair serum–

 Price: Rs. 240.

Use for—it will helps to care dump hair. When we comb dull dumb hair after applying this serum it will give you smooth and shine texture to your hair and make hair shine and smooth for last longer. It will also reduce the problem of fizzy hair.


  • Garnier Fructis Silky Serum–

 Price: Rs. 89.

Use for–it will helps to make hair smooth shin and strong and also give smooth effect to hair when you comb it. And also reduce the problem of fizzy dull hair. It’s a best serum for dry hair.


  • Matrix Split Serum–

 Price: Rs. 350

Use for–it will make your hair smooth and shine and smooth it will also help to straight your hair naturally and give you shine smooth look to your hair.


So there are so many effective and cheap price good hair serum are available at market to protect over hair from pollution and heating.

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