Food we intake gives us energy to work and it helps in maintaining health. The food provides the essential nutrients to regulate the systems in our body. Without proper maintenance, the systems would fail and that leads to several health problems. So, everything regarding our health is in our hands, we choose our food. we eat whatever is attractive and unhealthy. Omitting natural food leads to such pathetic conditions that we couldn’t recover easily.

Bind with natural food and practice a proper healthy diet that includes enormous fruits. The essential nutrients are vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and fiber. Fiber is helpful in providing energy and maintaining your body under your control. It helps in reducing body weight, too. There are fruits that are rich in fiber. Consuming a delicious fruit would offer you a chance to taste as well as reduce weight, gaining energy. We need 25 to 38 grams of fiber a day to complete the fiber needs.

Fiber is of two types – 1) Insoluble fiber and 2) Soluble fiber.

Insoluble fibers help in treating constipation, protect stomach and reduce cholesterol. It is rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes etc.,

Soluble fiber is rich in whole grains, nuts and seeds that help to reduce cholesterol and obesity.

Why don’t you get it from fruits? Let’s know the best fiber rich fruits.


Fiber Rich Fruits:

  1. A medium sized apple contains 5.0 grams of fiber.
  2. 3 Apricots of medium size give 1.0 g fiber.
  3. 4 pieces of dried Apricots give 2.9 g fibers.
  4. A Banana of medium size gives 3.9 grams of fiber.
  5. 1 cup of Blueberries serves 4.2 grams of fiber.
  6. 2 medium dried figs contain 3.7 g of fiber.
  7. Grapefruit of half medium size gives 3.1 g of fiber.
  8. A medium sized orange offers 3.4 g of fiber.
  9. A medium size of Peach offers 2.0 g of fiber.
  10. 3 pieces of dried Peaches could fulfill 3.2 g of fibers.
  11. A medium sized Pear gives enormous 5.1 g of fiber.
  12. A medium sized Plum contains 1.1 g of fiber.
  13. 5 oz box of Raisins could give 1.6 g of fiber.
  14. 1 cup Raspberries could fulfill 6.4 g of fiber.
  15. 1 cup of strawberries contain a plentiful 4.4 g of fiber.
  16. 1 cup of Kiwi fruit gives 5.00 g of fiber.
  17. 1 cup of Red Grapes gives 4.00 g of fiber.
  18. 1 cup of Mango gives 3.00 g of fiber.
  19. Papaya offers 2.50 g of fiber in 1 cup servings.
  20. Avocado serves 10.10 grams of fiber in a single serve.
  21. Durian flesh per cup contains 9.20 grams of fiber.
  22. Guava 1 cup serves 8.50 grams of fiber.


How to Serve?

Here, we have a long list of fiber rich fruits. Taking every single fruit counting its fiber content would make you tired. The best way is to mix. Mixture of these chopped fruits with honey or bits of nuts would delight your tongue, easily.

  1. Chop the fruits and mix it. Add some honey to sweet. Refrigerate if you want it as cool.


  1. Mix the chopped fruits and add some pepper powder and taste, it would be great. The fruits already contain sweetness and pepper would do more for your sense of taste.


  1. The easiest way is to drink the fruit. Make juices and store in your refrigerator and drink whenever you feel thirst.


Simple. Just, make a fruit salad chopping all these fruits as you desired. Take it as freshly prepared. Taking fresh food couldn’t equal any other food in health and satisfaction.

Happy fiber built!

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