Best Drugstore Toners For Oily Skin

Best Drugstore Toners For Oily Skin

Toning gives a final touch to your complexion securing the perfection of your skin. Oily skin requires cleansing and moisturising. But toning should not be skipped. It helps in maintaining the requisite balance of the hydration of the skin. There are a variety of toners fit for oily skin. Basically, drugstore toners are better for oily skin, which take all the risk not to upset the healthy skin tone.


Aroma magic skin toner:

This alcohol free toner is applicable on most of the people and shares a good review. Apart from removing dust from the face, it gives a perfect tone to the skin keeping it refreshed. Regular use of the aroma magic aromatic skin toner yields good result for oily skin.


Witch hazel:

Witch hazel is an astringent toner. This drugstore toner is available in various fragrances and non fragrances. Usually, Thayer’s alcohol free witch hazel containing formula of organic aloe vera is highly recommended. If the witch hazel is not alcohol free, then the product can be drying. Too much dry is also not good for oily skin.


Botanics cleansing toner:

Botanics cleansing toner takes the responsibility of brightening the skin. It is composed of the natural AHAs. When skin is too oily the pores appear larger. These AHAs exfoliate the skin and make the skin pores appear smaller so that the skin looks young and toned. It is scent free and acts gently on oily skin. Moreover it lessens the growth of acne and pimples on the skin due to oiliness.


Patanjali rose water:

Rose is always naturally good for skin toning. Under Patanjali the rose water is a herbal product. Rose water acts as a toner. You can mix the water into your face pack and apply as usual. You can use it directly too. Take a cotton ball and soak it in rose water. Apply all over the skin which includes the face and neck generally. Your skin even if it’s oily, would spark a natural glow.



Cucumber water:

The Biotique cucumber toner alleviates the oil content from the epidermis. Cucumber is a natural moisturiser for oily skin. Toning in cucumber is better than applying a face pack. With a cotton ball soaked in cucumber toner, wipe it throughout the face and neck to get the evenness. It is specifically used for oily skin.


Origins zero oil toner:

The Origins zero oil pore purifying toner is a good choice for oily skin. The composition includes natural ingredients which help in purifying the skin by removing the blackheads and extra oil secreted. Interestingly it never makes the skin dry unlike other toners thus preventing breakouts of the skin. It leaves a matte effect on the skin and gives a smooth finish.


Pomegranate toner:

The pomegranate toner under Korres is a natural astringent. Pomegranate helps in tightening the pores of the skin by reducing the gaps. On using it you will see that the toner is actually convincing. It removes the excess oil and the dirt associated with it, thus keeping the skin clear and smooth. Additionally it reduces the redness caused due to extra secretion of oil.


Jurlique rosewater balancing toner:

This alcohol free toner under Jurlique is composed of a variety of natural ingredients which include extracts of marshmallow, rose oil and aloe vera. These play the role of softening and soothing the skin layer, thereby hydrating too. It gives a refreshing signature to your skin with an elegant floral scent.


Toning creates a different look on your skin. It is not like oily skin cannot be toned. Oily skin can be toned better than any other skin. You only need to choose the right toner.

Hope the above list helps.

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