Best Drug Store Moisturizers For Dry Skin

Best Drug Store Moisturizers For Dry Skin

Dry skin may be caused in winters to some individuals or it can be a permanent one affecting all round the year. A good moisturiser can shield the skin from dryness and also restores the natural glow of the face. But which moisturiser is to be used, greatly depends on the skin type. One should not follow any moisturiser blindly. Specific drug store moisturisers are present for specific skin conditions.

Here, few numbers are rounded up to give you a clear vision on the moisturisers as which one should be used for your skin.


Aveeno daily moisturiser:

This moisturiser from Aveeno can be used daily. All the imperfections of the skin can be wiped out easily and the complete fairness can be obtained with this daily moisturiser. It comes with an SPF 15 offering protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

Moreover you can use it as a foundation cream for makeup. The makeup glows and fruits out when used on this daily cream.


Olay total effects:

Individuals with dry skin can actually benefit themselves now by adhering to the Olay total effect daily cream moisturiser. It lessens the signs of aging and removes dryness in a magnificent way. Generally dry skin has large pores inviting more dirt and dust. When Olay total effect is applied on a cleansed face then the pores get reduced in size making the skin membrane firmer and tightened.

It deals with seven different issues of the skin and is fragrance free restoring the younger look of the skin.


Eucerin daily protection:

Dry skin needs to remain hydrated all the time. Well you can hand over the responsibility to the Eucerin daily protection cream moisturiser. This moisturiser coats your skin with a shield for twenty four hours without giving you a sticky look. It comes in an SPF 30 and bothers for dry skin with multiple tasks.

You will feel quite relaxed and fresh on using this moisturiser on dry and sensitive skin.


Lacto calamine skin balance:

This nourishing lotion moisturises the dry skin and leaves a soothing fragrance. The skin remains smooth and hydrated for a long time. The cream gets absorbed to the skin quickly giving a matte look which glows out naturally.



Your skin tone can get even by using the moisturiser from Neutrogena. Sometimes the skin becomes discoloured due to excessive dryness. For this you must treat your skin with soy complexes which can restore the skin condition completely. The Neutrogena visibly even daily moisturiser provides the same. It takes on all the preventive measures required to make the skin healthy and fine.

The product comes with a sunscreen effect too providing an SPF 30.


Cetaphil daily facial moisturiser:

Providing maximum moisture and protection the Cetaphil facial moisturiser is a saviour for dry skin. It provides good relief and gets to the depth of the skin to take care of it. The greasy residue is absent in this moisturiser with a bonus of a light SPF.

It acts in a gentle way on the skin and makes it to the point that the skin remains protected in all aspects.


Nivea smooth sensation:

The dry skin can be soft and smooth if a drop of Nivea body lotion is put on it. This thick lotion blocks the pores so that no more moisture is lost and thereby providing nourishment. It provides protection for the whole day long until you go for the cleansing at the end of the day.

With a light fragrance, the lotion embraces the skin with its beneficial effects.


With a number of moisturisers listed above it is up to you to decide as which one is to be used. Go for it and have a smooth and soft skin.


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