Best Cleanser For Dry Skin Available In India

Best Cleanser For Dry Skin Available In India

Dry skin must go through a thorough cleansing process to avoid the growth of dark patches and all. Cleaning out the dirt from the face and removing all the grime from the skin is most essential. On the other side you need to take care that the skin should not be further disturbed with the dryness condition.

There are several cleansers available for dry skin in India and it is up to your skin to choose the best one.


Clearasil daily clean oil free cleanser:

The dirt becomes grease when accumulated for a longer period on dry skin. This grease is hard to be brought out. Such grease can be removed by the Clearasil daily clean oil free cleanser. Hence people with dry skin usually prefer this cleanser. It acts gently on the skin pores and acts thoroughly on the tissues. At the end of the day it removes all the surface oils, dust and the makeup worn clearing the face intensely. Skin does not become dry or tightened.

You can use this cleanser daily and it is available at a reasonable price too.


Shiseido benefiance creamy cleanser:

This cleanser is formulated for the individuals with dry skin. It has a creamy texture which creates foam while using thus making the cleansing process proper. It does not support tightening of the skin, thus preventing the dryness. The Shiseido benefiance creamy cleanser helps in removing dirt from the face completely.

When the dirt is removed the moisture is automatically retained in the skin cells keeping the layer hydrated which is quite important for the dry skin. The cleanser comes at a reasonable price tag.


Thalgo cocooning cleansing milk cleanser:

The Thalgo cocooning cleansing milk cleanser is organic type and is natural for dry skin. It clears the face very gently and mitigates dryness and itchiness. Dry skin is prone to sensitivity. Hence a sincere cleansing can get you the best results and the sensitivity would gradually get lessened.

It comes in 250 ml pack at a sensible price.


Soul tree cleansing milk:

Being a lotion, the soul tree cleansing milk cleanser comprises of coconut and rose water. Moreover, aloe vera and licorice which are highly organic in nature are also present in the cleanser. All these ingredients are highly effective on dry skin. Deep cleansing is activated by the rose water content.

After washing off the face you can also feel a cooling effect followed by instant glow. For a 200 ml pack it comes at a sound price.


Lakme gentle and soft deep pore cleanser:

This cleanser under Lakme encloses avocado extracts and composition of Vitamin E. All impurities are removed from the skin pores on cleansing with this product. You must be wondering what is so convincing with this cleanser??? Well, it is the Vitamin E. Dry skin often needs to be conditioned and vitamin E extracts perform the task very well.

The makeup can also be put off with the help of this cleanser and it comes at a sound price.


Himalaya herbals refreshing cleansing milk:

Lemon, grapeseed oil and peppermint are the ingredients present in the cleanser and give the most effective result when used on dry skin. It has a foam texture which can be used daily and the end result is moisturising. As the name depicts it is an herbal product and efficiently puts off makeup and impurities. The peppermint present in the cleanser gives cooling effect post washing.

Available at a very reasonable price, it is quite handy and can be taken anywhere you travel.


Dry skin must be given a mild cleanser unlike other facial cleansers to retain the softness of the skin. You can choose any of the cleansers listed above and give your face the best glow and radiance even if it is dry.

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