Best Body Lotions For Dry Skin

Best Body Lotions For Dry Skin

Dry skin can cause real problem if not cared properly. It can become stretchy, scratchy and irritable unless you apply a body lotion. Especially in winter people with dry skin experience more problems. Not only the face is affected but also the entire body is affected. Specific body lotions are available for dry skin. Sincere use of the lotions can yield better results.

Here is a list of some of the best body lotions which can be used for dry skin.


Vaseline total moisture cocoa butter body lotion:

Cocoa is a good ingredient for skin. When mixed with butter, it becomes an essential moisturizer and provides healthy nourishment to the dry skin. Vaseline brings the total moisture cocoa butter body lotion to the rescue of dry and rough skin. Usually it is applied at night before going to bed so that a smooth and soft skin is obtained. Skin gets dried vigorously in the morning. So if the lotion is applied in the night before, then smoother skin can be obtained in the morning of the day after.

Moreover, it is blended with vanilla flavor which gives an amusing and soothing smell. The smell is enchanting enough to lighten your mood.


Nivea express hydration body lotion:

The hydration body lotion under Nivea is composed of Hydra I.Q. and other sea minerals which help in providing the super nourishment to dry skin. It acts as a long lasting moisturizer. It moisturize your dry skin deeply by penetrating completely into the skin pores.

Good part is that you can use this body lotion in summer season also. It will not make your skin oily. In winters, it gives shiny and glow skin.


Dove essential nourishment body lotion:

Dry skin needs to be nourished and hydrated for twenty four hours. But it is not possible to maintain for long hours. Hence you must use a lotion which lasts for long and lessens the dryness at a maximum rate.

Dove manufactures the essential nourishment body lotion which takes all the responsibility to give your skin the required nourishment and that to for maximum period. Now you can have a smile on your face in winters as Dove body lotion makes it easy for you.



Ponds triple vitamin moisturising lotion:

This body lotion is enriched with cream which helps in fighting the tissues becoming dry. When skin becomes dry, fine lines are created on the skin. These fine lines are handled by the action of the triple vitamins present in the lotion such as the vitamin B3, vitamin C and vitamin E.

The creamy texture of the lotion gets absorbed intensely into the skin solving all issues related to dryness. The skin becomes softer on regular use of the body lotion.


Parachute advanced deep nourish body lotion:

Parachute manufactures deep nourish body lotion for dry skin at extreme conditions. Extreme conditions states breakouts of skin and itching. This body lotion comprises of coconut oil which instantly acts on the skin cells and reduces dryness for a longer time. Apart from coconut oil it contains vegetable oil which is specially hydrogenated for dry skin.

It moisturises the skin intensely and naturally too.


Oriflame happy skin nourishing body cream:

Oriflame is best known to manufacture products for extra care of the skin. In similar way it brings body lotion of extra nourishing qualities which penetrates into the skin pores and gives a healthy approach from the inside.

Also the lotion sends a mild fragrance which gives a refreshing feeling. Hence you will be quite satisfied in using the product.


Therefore choose the best lotion amongst the mentioned body creams above and forget that you ever had a dry skin. Have a happy winter.

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