You wear your favourite black colour jacket and walk into a party where you want to impress everybody and everything is going according to your way until some of your friend notice those white colour flakes on your shoulder suddenly everything goes wrong for you and party become worst for you and you felt so embarrassing over there. It is quite often in winter where you found these dead skin cells shedding on your scalp known as dandruff. It is consider as very common skin related problem during winter season, It not just causes discomfort to you it also causes the feeling of embarrassment in situation like we mention earlier in this content. Studies show that there is not only one reason behind this problem. Many factor like oily or dry skin scalp, improper combing, stress and many others factors causes’ dandruff. But don’t you worry our professionals have found to cure this disease and make so many effective shampoos which works quite effectively for get rid of dandruff problem. And here in this content we are going to tell about some very effective anti- dandruff shampoos available in India.



-MATRIX BIOLAGE SCALP ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO-Matrix is very famous brand which produce so many product which are so famous because of some very good reasons. Scalptherapie is one combination in which refreshing effects of kola nut with mint complex works effectively in controlling of oil secretion without drying your hair. This shampoo contains benefits of Pyrithione ZINC and Bio Cushion complex which helps in cleansing of your scalp and effectively removes all other pollutants which cause the problem of dandruff.

This is quite affordable and works very effectively even in case of stubborn dandruff.


-NIZORAL SHAMPOO-Like oily skin oily scalp is also known as a breeding ground for so many infections and also become a major cause of dandruff on your scalp because of yeast or fungal infection. But this product known as nizoral contain one very effective anti-fungal agent known as ketoconazole which effectively kills the fungi’s as well yeast activity and their ability to produce cell membrane because of that it helps in removing all those factors which causes dandruff. This product is very effective in removing dandruff from your scalp.

This product not just work in case of removing dandruff it also helps in reducing hair loss occurs because of dandruff.


-CIPLA ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO- This is very famous anti-dandruff shampoo prescribed by many dermatologist because this is very effective in cleansing of your scalp and removing dandruff from your scalp.

Helps in removing in itching of scalp because of dandruff effectively.


-BODY SHOP GINGER ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO- This product is works wonders for those people who has dry skin types, its ginger components soothes your scalp and also very effectively clears flakes.

This shampoo very effectively helps in removing unnecessary oil and provides relief from itchiness.


-PANTENE PRO-VITAMIN SHAMPOO- This shampoo is very effective in every type of scalp and very effective helps you in getting rid from dandruff and those factors which is consider as a causes behind dandruff.

This shampoo is affordable; you can use this shampoo regularly, helps in removing dandruff permanently.


So these are some very effective anti-dandruff shampoo which helps you in removing dandruff permanently from your scalp and also helps you in getting smooth and shiny hairs. Hope next time when you went to market for buying some effective anti-dandruff shampoo then this content helps you in choosing appropriate shampoo for your skin types which suits you well and helps you in getting silky and shiny hair free from dandruff.


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