Bengali weddings are an elaborate affair with several extravagant ceremonies that last for several days. A Bengali bride has to wear an authentic Banarasi silk saree in white with a dark red or maroon zari border. The traditional Bengali bride is applied alta on her hands and feet, and is adorned with traditional jewellery along with red and white bangles on her hands. A Mukut on her head is mandatory. Bengali women are naturally beautiful with sharp features and have excellent hair and skin. Although you can always a hire a makeup who will transform you into a goddess, it is also possible to do your own makeup by learning the right tips and techniques. Let’s take a look at how you can do your makeup if you are a Bengali bride!

  • Begin by washing your face thoroughly with a mild cleanser. Follow it up with a toner and end it with a moisturizer.


  • Right after you moisturize your skin, apply a primer all over your face in order to keep your makeup intact.


  • Hide your dark spots, blemishes and dark circles using a good quality concealer and blend in.


  • Use a good quality foundation of a renowned company like MAC and follow it up with a translucent powder.


  • Bengalis have beautiful eyes therefore it is necessary to highlight it well in order to bring out the best feature. Begin by filling your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil or a brown eye shadow.


  • A smoky eye makeup looks great on a Bengali bride. Use a dark brown eye shadow on the lids and light brown on your crease and blend well. Alternatively, a bronze eye shadow as a base along with a deep brown eye shadow work well.


  • Apply a thick winged liner using a jet black eye liner which is smudge proof. Line the waterline with waterproof kohl.


  • Curl your eyelashes and apply two layers of waterproof mascara. Alternatively, you can also apply false eye lashes.


  • Contour or highlight your features like cheekbones, nose and temple. This will give you a faux glow!


  • Next up is a blusher to add a pop of color to your cheeks. Use a blusher with a slight sheen. Starting with the apple of your cheeks use upward strokes until your template. The key is to use little product at a time and work it up!


  • To get a dewy look, makeup artists suggest using an illuminator on the top of your cheekbones.


  • Moisturize your lips using a chap stick or a lip balm and line your lips neatly with a lip liner. Skip this step if you have extremely thin lips.


  • Using a brush, neatly apply a lipstick. The ideal lipstick shade is red to match the Bengali bride’s saree. You can apply some gloss, however this is completely optional.


  • Experts suggest that in order to make your lipstick last long, you must apply some loose powder over your lips and dab it with a tissue or a blotting paper.


  • Now comes the most important step for a Bengali bride; the red and white motifs on the face! Traditionally these motifs were drawn using vermilion powder and chandan mixed with water; however nowadays these motifs are drawn using red and white paints. Glitter and stones are also added to break the monotony!


A traditional hairdo paired with hair accessories, bindi and matching bridal footwear will complete your bridal look. Follow these tips and tricks if you are a Bengali bride and want to increase your glamour quotient by looking absolutely mesmerizing on your wedding day.

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