Benefits of Tryptophan Rich Foods

Benefits of Tryptophan Rich Foods

Well, tryptophan is a very important and beneficial amino acid which is not produced by any natural means your body. Thus, it needs to be obtained from outside in the form of tryptophan supplements or simply through foods. If you really want to get all the health benefits of tryptophan, then I would surely recommend you to have a quite high carbohydrate as well as a slight low protein diet. A diet which is very much high in protein content stimulates production of amino acids which have the potential to make the absorption of tryptophan very difficult. Foods that are extremely rich in tryptophan have a hell lot of health benefits.


What are the foods that are rich in tryptophan?–

There are several foods that are extremely rich in tryptophan. Some of these foods are as follows:

  1. Chicken
  2. Soybeans
  3. Turkey
  4. Lamb
  5. Tuna
  6. Salmon
  7. Halibut
  8. Shrimps
  9. Cod
  10. Sardines


Benefits associated with tryptophan:

Tryptophan has a hell lot of benefits in our body. Let us get to know some of the benefits by taking a look at them in the following lines:

  1. Reduce in depression and anxiety:If you take foods that are very rich in tryptophan then it will help to increase serotonin levels in the brain which can help to cure stress, anxiety as well as depression. Taking tryptophan supplements can also help a lot in reducing depression as well as anxiety symptoms. Doctors often advise to take it as it acts as anti-depressants by increasing serotonin levels in your brain.


  1. Better growth as well as development:Tryptophan helps to increase the growth hormones. Food rich in tryptophan is required for proper growth and development in children and infants. So, it is a must during the growth years in children.


  1. Increase in Appetite:Tryptophan assists in the increase of your appetite. Foods that are rich in it such as chicken, tuna, turkey, lamb, salmon and soya beans need to be incorporated to the daily routine diet.


  1. Fights Insomnia:Well, it really needs to be mentioned that tryptophan helps you a lot to prevent sleeplessness as well as insomnia. It not only helps you to improve your sleeping pattern but also helps a lot to have a sound sleep.


  1. Migraines:There is definitely good news for all such persons who suffer from migraine. It is that tryptophan helps to reduce problems associated with migraine.


  1. Prevent pellagra:Tryptophan when taken in proper amounts can help you to keep pellagra at bay. Lack of tryptophan may cause this disease.


  1. Weight Loss:Tryptophan indirectly helps you to lose weight. Ask why? It helps in formation of serotonin and this serotonin helps you to lose weight. What is more it helps to reduce risks of cardiovascular problems.


  1. Lowers Cholesterol:Well, I must also mention that tryptophan helps a lot to lower the levels of cholesterol in the body.


  1. Premenstrual Dysphoria:This is associated with problems related to the women during menstrual periods. However, tryptophan helps to reduce such problems effectively.


  1. Helps to quit smoking:Tryptophan is used to treat those who are unable to quit smoking. It helps them to stop using even tobacco products.


  1. Bulimia: This problem can be successfully treated with the help of L-Tryptophan.


Words of caution:

  1. Always have a consultation with a doctor and then have tryptophan supplements.
  2. Do not take over dose of tryptophan.
  3. Do not use it along with other medicines.
  4. If you are having nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and ulcers do not use this.


Last but not the least, it really needs to be mentioned that tryptophan is a very good choice you can make, but always use it within normal limits.

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