Beauty Tips From The Egyptian Era Which Are Still Popular

Beauty Tips From The Egyptian Era Which Are Still Popular

Beauty is the concern of women not only in this modern and advance era rather it is of utmost importance from the very ancient Egyptian era. But difference is that at that time there was not any commercial market for selling various kinds of beauty products. Today we see there are thousands of products available in market for just a single beauty product category. But in the ancients times women used to make their own beauty products using several ingredients like, semi-precious jewel crushes, flowers, plants and similar at home products. It is the giving of ancient Egyptian women that we came across such a great range of beauty products since business minded people kept acquiring makeup product ideas from ancient times. Most of the makeup styles utilized in Egyptian era are still alive and even quite popular. So we have decided today to share a few of the facts about Egyptian style makeup so that you can also follow those and look youthful and beautiful.


Burnt Almonds

During Egyptian era, women used to burn almonds to use those to give attractive black color to their eyebrows. Women at that time were very much concerned about their eyebrows and almonds gave them a natural and perfect source of black color.


Red Ochre

Red Ochre was used by the women during Egyptian era to color their lips and cheeks. It was a great natural pigment at that time which was used as the lip stain and cheek shade or you can say blush. They used to apply it by missing with water.



Henna along with giving color to your skin was also used to give attractive yellow & orange shades to the nails. Egyptian women used it as a natural dye for their nails and it was also considered conditioning for skin.



Kohl was also one of the important beauty product utilized by Egyptian women. They used to make it using heavy metals and finally utilized to line their eyes. Kohl was basically made from concentrated lead salts. Although lead is a dangerous substance but they used to filter the material and leave up to 30-40 days. This made lead level very low which then was not dangerous for their eyes.


Castor Oil

There were no anti-aging creams and face pack at that time. So Egyptian women used castor oil for massaging their skin to fight wrinkles and aging. That’s why in this era as well, castor oil is considered as best natural fighter against aging signs. This oil promoted their youthful looks.


Salts of Dead Sea

Dead Sea salts were used by women at that time to heal the skin naturally. Dead skin is filled with nutrients and minerals that our body losses during environmental damages. So Dead Sea salt was used at that time to recover all the skin damages through its rejuvenating properties.


Milk Bath

There were no skin care treatments at that time. But Egyptian women used to usually take milk baths to strengthen their skin from nourishing properties of milk. Milk is rich in lactic acid which thus naturally exfoliated their skin promoting rejuvenation of dead skin cells.



We all are quite aware of the nourishing properties of honey. It is the best natural moisturizer for skin. In the Egyptian era also honey was one of the important aspect that women included in their skin nourishing procedures. They used honey milk masks to hydrate their skin and deliver necessary moisturization for skin.


There are some important things that you should know about the Egyptian beauty. These home remedies are still popular and are highly effective in giving appropriate nutrition to your skin.


Hope you liked the article and it will help you in achieving good skin health.

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