Attractive rosy lips areconsider as a most appealing feature of your face. It enhance the beauty of women and man’s good looks. So those people having problem of dark lips want to lighten them .Pink lips naturally makes your smile attractive.



SUN EXPOSURE- Over exposure of your skin in sunlight effects your skin very much though sun provides vitamin D to your body but it also produce harmful rays like UV rays which can damage your skin and lips .Sunlight makes your skin as well as your lips tan. So you must take some precaution before going outside your home.


SMOKING – People who smokes regularly having problem of pigmented lips and results you feel odd between your friends . Smoking also lead some fatal diseases like cancer .So quit smoking as soon as possible to avoid these problems.


HABIT OF SUCKING YOUR LIPS- Some peoples have a tendency if sucking their lips but dermatologist always suggest to avoid this habit. Excessive licking can makes your lips dry which leads into a problem of black lips.


LIPSTICKS- Lipsticks also one of the reason which results into a pigmented lips . Low quality lipstick having some chemicals which damage your lips so if you are fond of lipstick make sure you use branded and good quality lipstick.


COFFEE- Coffee is harmful because it contain caffeine and which effects your lips in great amount and makes your lips looks black. So avoid drinking coffee though it is harmful your lips.



HONEY- Honey is one of the best ingredient which helps you in getting pink lips. Before going to bed apply honey on your lips and don’t wash it and let the honey get dried.


LEMON – Lemon have the quality of bleaching your skin and this quality helps you in lighten your lips. You have to need just some lemon juice and apply it on your lips and leave this on to your lips overnight and wash it off next morning . Regular use of this helps you in getting rosy lips.


NATURAL LIP BALM- Mixing some natural ingredients help you in making a natural homemade lip balm for your lips. You just need some strawberry juice and mix it with petroleum jelly .This balm is far better from balm which are available in market and this balm have no side effect too.


ICE- Give some gentle massage to your lips from ice cubes it helps in keeping your lips moisturized. For better result mix some rose water in water before put ice tray into refrigerator.


ALMOND- Combination of almond oil and lemon juice results into very effective mixture for your lips just apply this mixture on your lips before go to bed and wash it off next morning it really helps you in lighten your lips .


CARROT OR BEET ROOT- Before going to bed if you apply either carrot juice or beet root juice gives you instant glowing pink lips .Wash your lips in morning and enjoy the results.


MASSAGE FROM TOOTH BRUSH– For removing dead skin from your lips you can use your soft bristle brush to massage your lips .it remove all dead skin and helps your lips looks fresh.


BERRIES – Strawberry and raspberry both have a property which helps in lighten your lips. For best result mix those with honey apply this mixture on your lips and them wash your lips .It really helps in lighten your lips.


Use these effective natural home-made tips which keeps your lips soft and attractive and enhance beautyof your face as well as of your smile.


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