Beauty Recipes of Potato Juice

Beauty Recipes of Potato Juice

In my kitchen when nothing to cook and nothing to eat, Potato will always there for me.
Potato is most common vegetable in India and i bet who they are fussy in food even they also like Potato. Potato is very famous in Indian kitchen, but here I’m telling you it another talents.

Potato is not bound only in foods and carries, it’s so beneficial apart from food, it can do makes you beautiful.

How potato beneficial for us? See many of us do know only very few avail of it. Some thought that we can use it only to remove under eye dark circle. No it can do more than this. Potato has bleaching contain which make your skin complexion lighten and makes it fair. Like that we can use it as many remedies.


  • Potato-Lime juice: Potato juice is as good as its cleft. Over skin easily siphon it and effect asap. Take 2 tea spoon of Potato juice, 1 tea spoon of Lime juice, and half tea spoon of Honey. Mix all three ingredients together well and apply evenly on face and neck. Leave it for 10-15 minutes to get dry it. After that wash it off with the lukewarm water. This remedy is so fool proof for removing acne and pigmentation. Do apply it daily or twice a day.


  • Potato juice with milk powder: for dry skin this facial mask can be a good choice. You just need very few and easy to get ingredient and you will be ready to use. You need only 2 tea spoon of Potato juice, half tea spoon of milk powder and 10-12 drops of sweet almond oil, mix all the amazing items together and spread the paste on your effected areas or you even apply it all over the face and neck. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash off after it gets dry to receive such soft and buttery skin.


  • Raw Potato with cucumber: for make your skin hydride and nourished you can try this. Even it can gives you relief from sun ten, irritation and itching which you gets because of UV sun rays. Take a raw Potato and a cucumber, 1 tea spoon of lime juice and some drops of olive oil, mix all the ingredient and bland it, put this puree on your face to get relief all the skin problems. And wash it off after it gets dry.


  • Egg, curd, potato face pack: it’s an amazing pack for get instant fair skin. take a bowl put into 1 tea spoon of egg yolk, 2 tea spoon of plain fresh curd, 2 pinch of baking soda and 2 tea spoon of potato juice, bland all the items and make a mixture. Apply this paste on your face and neck and stay. Wash it off after 20 minutes with the cool water.


  • Potato juice with red sandalwood powder: this is just to remove all dead cell and makes your skin fair, after applying this pack your skin pores will open properly and it will breathe. it Look fresh and beautiful. Take a bowl with the medium size put 2-3 tea spoon of red sandal wood powder, some bland mint leafs, 1 tea spoon of orange juice and 1 tea spoon of tomato juice; you can add ½ tea spoon olive oil too, to make the result magnificent. Mix all the ingredients together well. And apply on the face and neck. Before applying do wash and clean your face first. After the mask gets dry do wash again your face with the cool water, this is the best remedy to get spectacular and scrumptious skin.

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