Basic Makeup Tips To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

Basic Makeup Tips To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

Individuals with oily skin generally give a second thought while applying makeup. Whatever you do, the breakouts and acne are always on high probability. But it is not a problem anymore. There are certain basic makeup tips which can get you rid of oily skin and hence you can go out partying with confidence. Some tips are highlighted here.


Before makeup:

Simple processes are to be followed before using the makeup.


  • To minimise the oil content cleanse your face with your regular cleanser. Cleansing helps cleaning the face from all dirt and dust hence lessening the growth of blackheads and pimples. You can prefer natural or foaming cleansers.


  • To keep the makeup last long you must use an ice cube. Move the ice cube in rubbing gesture on the entire face at least for a few minutes. This would help to keep the makeup intact and last for hours.


  • Use an effectual primer. Be careful when choosing the primer. It must suit your skin completely. Do not exclude the eye lids while applying the primer. This would maintain the uniformity of the tenor of the skin.


  • When makeup is put on oily skin it is quite likely that creases can form when the skin is moved a bit. Hence excess concealer must be avoided to prevent the creasing consequence. The concealer can form lines and creases if used in excess amount.


  • Give a light makeup to your face. Excess makeup would look greasy on oily skin. Therefore, simple makeup would bring the same radiance as that of normal skin.


  • If you are using powder in your makeup then make sure to use less amount of it. With less amount of powder used, your eye makeup would look prominent which may be hidden due to excess makeup in any way.


After makeup:

For oily skin it is important to step on tips which are to be applied after putting the makeup when the day is over.


  • The makeup should be removed from the skin as soon as your work is over or you have called it a day. Therefore, wash out the makeup by splashing lots of water onto your face.


  • Scrub the face with your usual scrubber and remove the makeup which might have entered into the pores. If the makeup is put for a longer period, then it enters into the large pores and if not removed before sleep then it forms blackheads. Hence it is essential to scrub it off.


  • You can also cleanse the face instead of scrubbing but the cleansing should be meticulous enough to remove the makeup.


  • After a strong cleansing, soothe your skin with a toner. It would be good if you use a natural toner such as tomato pulp juice or watermelon juice. Otherwise a good brand can work out.


  • Now when your makeup is removed and your skin is thoroughly cleaned, allow the skin to breathe. The total process can become quite hectic for your skin too. Leave the skin without touching for five to seven minutes.


  • Get a sound sleep by applying a moisturizer, preferably a night cream containing serum in circular outward movements. This enhances the blood circulation of the skin reaching the healthiest point of threshold.


Following such steps whenever applying makeup will keep your skin away from oiliness and hence your smile will remain intact. Moreover you must keep blotting papers always at hand in case you are sweating. The blotting sheets absorb extra oil secreted while the makeup is put on and gives a refreshing shine on your face. The sheets work better than handkerchief on oily skin.

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