Basic Face Care Tips You Need to Follow In Winter

Basic Face Care Tips You Need to Follow In Winter

Winter is a pleasant season yet it can be a hard time too. Cool breeze can be followed by extreme dry condition and this can have adverse effect on the skin. Dry skin can lead to numerous irritations like sketchiness, break outs and cracked membrane. So the skin needs to be taken care especially in winter by following basic tips.

Here some basic simple tips are trailed which you need to step on.


Cleansing your face:

We keep on washing our face regularly in dusty seasons like summer but we tend to reduce the number of times of washing our face in winter. In winter skin does not turn too dusty but it is not completely clean even. Hence cleansing is a must for winter season too. Even if you do not get exposed outside, the dryness caused due to the cold brings out dead skin cells. These skin cells need to be removed to give way to the development of new tissues.

This is possible if you regularly cleanse your face. You can limit the excessive dryness by cleansing with cold milk using a cotton ball.


Gentle scrubbing:

Though cleansing removes all dirt from your face, still some deeper dust may remain which require gentle scrubbing. Note that the scrubbing should be quite gentle as dry skin tends to lose moisture easily. Hard scrub may just encourage this. Twice a week is sufficient to bring the dry skin in a balanced condition.

Homemade scrub can be more fruitful. Take a ripe banana and mash it. Add mashed apple to it. Mix well by pouring one spoon of honey into it. Then take two dollops of your regular scrub and mix properly. Scrub your face and other dry skin areas with the paste you made. Do this for at least two minutes. Then wash it off with a little warm water and pat dry. Use as soft towel for drying.


Toning your skin:

Dry skin is prone to signs of early aging. Skin starts looking saggy and dull. Hence toning is necessary in winter. This reduces the quick dryness of skin. It is better to tone the skin rather than leaving the pores open. This is like inviting dirt and dust for free.


 Using a good moisturiser:

Try to make a routine of using moisturiser every single day. Dry skin needs to remain hydrated every time. It would be more effective if moisturising is done in a natural way. There are several natural ways where we can moisturise our skin.

Take almond oil and warm it to a low temperature. Use this oil to massage at night before going to bed. You can also use extra virgin olive oil instead of almond oil. Both give effectual result. For tad effectiveness use the oil with your regular body lotion or cold cream.


Use face packs:

Face packs act as a final touch up to any skin care. Fruits can serve the best face pack. Adding other ingredients with different fruits, help in nourishing the skin in a better way.

For example, take avocado. Mash the ripe avocado and apply it on the face. After leaving it for ten to fifteen minutes wash off the pack using warm water.

Moreover, you can take a ripe banana and mash it completely to massage it. Massage on the face and neck for even toned skin. Leave it for ten minutes and then wash it off. Again do a honey massage in circular movements for about ten minutes. Complete the procedure by giving a final touch of toner.

There are various other packs too which can be used such as the butter milk pack and aloe vera. Apart from using the above tips you must keep yourself well hydrated by drinking lots of water and juices. Hydration keeps dryness away.

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