Bangladeshi Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Bangladeshi Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Marriage is the foremost auspicious and special occasion for everybody and especially for bride. For a bride it is her one single day where she has to look extremely beautiful as on this day all the eyes stay on her. Different places have their own traditions related to bridal makeup, bridal outfits and traditions. One of the place is Bangladesh. Bangladesh is another culture rich place where marriage held the same importance for a bride. Bridal makeup of Bangladesh is extremely adorable and popular whether it’s about their bridal outfits or their bridal looks. So in today’s article we are going to explore Bangladeshi bridal make application.


Tutorial For Bangladeshi Bridal Makeup:



First step that is common in all types of makeups is to cleanse your face. As cleaning is always advisable so you should do it properly before you put even any usual makeup on your face. Take a good quality cleanser and wash your face off by gently eliminating all the dirt and dead skin cells. Cleansing helps to clog your skin pores thus making your skin look fresh and clean.



Apply appropriate moisturizer on your face to nourish you dry skin left behind after cleansing. If you have dry skin choose thick and creamy moisturizer and otherwise in case of oily skin texture, go for a light oil free moisturizing lotion. Moisturization is essential as it will smoothen your skin reducing creases. It will also help your makeup not to make your skin too much dry.


Prime Your Face

Now apply small amount of good quality primer to your skin. You primer will help to give a perfect base to your foundation thus increasing the lasting time of your makeup. Primer helps your skin look natural. By using primer your looks will be camera friendly thus will let you look ultimate in your photographs.



Now its time to hide all the flaws present on your skin. If you have unattractive moles, dark spots, dark circles, or scars over your skin apply a quality concealer on that part of your skin. You can also apply it all over your face as it will also form a good base for your foundation. Choose concealer keeping your skin tone in mind.



Onceyou are done with your primer, apply suitable foundation to your skin. Foundation will help your skin give even tone to skin on all over your face and neck. Make sure that you choose the foundation shade that closely matches with your skin texture. Similar foundation tone will enhance your natural beauty thus giving ultimate looks finally. Apply the foundation either with fingers or with applicator brush. Brush will be better choice as it can blend the foundation well on your skin.



Apply rich black colored eyeliner over your eyelids for giving your eyelids black shade. Creamy eyeliner will be best to use this time. Now take a small brush and blend the eyeliner over your eyelids evenly so that you can have beautiful smoky eyes.


Eye Shadow

Apply a light green eyeshadow on your eyelids over the black eye liner applied in the previous step. The eyeshadow should be shimmery enough. You can opt silver or golden eyeshadow as these will also look wonderful. Apply a very thin coat of eyeshadow outlining your lower eyelids to make your eyes look great.



Take some creamy blush and apply it on your cheeks with a perfect blush applicator brush. Don’t put too much dark coats of blush just little bit to make your cheeks look rosy pink.


Lip Makeup

Start your lip makeup by exfoliating your lips. After exfoliation apply a lip balm coat and let it get absorbed completely. Apply a small amount of foundation on your lips to cover creases and fine lines of your lips. Outline your lips with lip liner and finally apply your favorite lipstick over your lips.


So with this a complete Bangladeshi bride is all set to get married. Hope you liked this tutorial, share your views about this by posting your comments.

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