Banana Face Pack For Winter Dry skin

Banana Face Pack For Winter Dry skin

Winter indicates dry and itchy skin which further leads to break out of the skin. In such a case you need a strong face pack and that to; it must be natural as dry skin is very sensitive. It is prone to infections and skin disorders. There is a master solution to this dilemma.

Face packs made from various combinations of natural ingredients with banana as the main source have great impact on the dry skin. Here certain combinations are listed which adhere to the fitness of the dry skin.


Banana and honey:

Take a ripe banana and cut into pieces. Smash the pieces into a pulp with the help of a fork. Add a spoon of honey to the pulp and mix well. Take a spoon of olive oil and add to the mixture. Now apply the paste to your face and leave it to dry for about thirty minutes. Wash off and pat dry.

It is a common fact that honey is a natural moisturiser and helps in clogging the moisture inside the pores. Olive oil is enriched in anti oxidants which carry out the process of neutralizing any harmful effects on the skin caused due to cosmetics.


Banana and butter:

Take two spoons of butter and flog till it becomes smooth. Take a container and mash a ripe banana into it. Mix the flogged butter into the container enclosing banana smash. Blend it thoroughly. Apply the pack on the face and allow drying for about thirty minutes. Rinse off with cool water and then pat dry.

Butter acts as a moisturiser. It hydrates the skin at an ultra level. For more nourishment you can also add a catalyst such as chopped rose petals.


Banana and vitamin E:

You might not have heard about this face pack as banana itself contains vitamin E. Then why go for more??? Well, vitamin E is much more fruitful when used as oil rather than a nutrient.

You will need a ripe banana in mashed condition. Take a vitamin E capsule and rupture it to extract the oil from it. Add the oil into the mashed banana along with a little honey. To have better result, add a spoon of rose water and a little sandalwood powder. This would provide extra hydration to the dry skin. Mix all the ingredients and apply all over the face. Wait till it gets dried and then wash off.


Banana and oats:

Oat is a good help in exfoliating the dry skin. Using oats with banana for a face pack is just like a cherry on the cake. It moisturises the dry skin and also takes off the tan from the skin layer.

Mash a piece of banana and take a spoon full of the pulp in a container. Add a spoon of milk cream to it. Again add few oats to the container. These oats will get soaked in the milk cream. Blend all the mentioned ingredients in the container properly and make it a smooth paste. Apply the paste on the dry skin as a thick layer and wait for it to dry. Then wash off with cool water and pat dry with a soft towel.


Banana and lemon juice:

It is a known fact that lemon juice removes the tan from the skin. When mixed with banana, it acts as an excellent moisturiser which is completely suitable for dry and rough skin.

As usual take the ripe banana in a bowl and mash it into a paste. Add a half of a spoon of lemon juice to the bowl and mix well. Apply on the face and wait for at least twenty minutes. Then wash it off and pat dry with a soft towel.


Banana is beneficial in all aspects. When it is mixed with some natural ingredients and applied on the skin then it is for sure that your skin would attain the ultra level of softness and delicacy shielding away the dryness.

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