Sometime you found yourself a victim of heat boil because of summer attack and due to of which you feel painful sensation to different parts of your body like ears , arms, face and sometime it effects to internal part of your body but we are lucky because nature provides us many products which helps in preventing these heat boil effects.

Here we are discussing some of these natural ayurvedic treatments.


TURMERIC- Turmeric is well known spice in our home and which is very effective in various skin problems. Qualities of turmeric like anti- fungal, antibacterial and anti- inflammatory makes turmeric more important ingredient in preventing skin troubles .Turmeric is consider as ayurvedic medicine in case of heat boil.

  • Made a paste of turmeric in which you need four tea spoon of turmeric powder and water and apply this paste on affected parts .Amazing healing properties of turmeric clear out the boils in very rapid time and if you make a paste of one tea spoon of turmeric powder with luke warm water and apply this paste 3-4 time in a day it works wonders in providing relief from boil.


CUMIN – Cumin seeds are also an effecting ingredient which helps in getting rid of those heat boil problem.

  • Like turmeric powder which we discuss earlier a mixture of cumin powder with water is also beneficial if you apply this paste to affected areas. And for better result apply this paste regularly for 4-5 hours .ON other hand if you drink jeera water it also helps you in preventing many skin diseases.


GINGER- Ginger is gifted ingredient which we get from nature having properties of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory which prevents from many skin troubles.

  • In case of heat boils ginger helps you a lot just made a ginger paste and mix little water in it and then apply this paste to your affected areas it really makes prone to heat boil and give you very relief. And if you want to prevent your skin from other hazardous effects of heat boil ginger juice is best remedy.


ONION – Like ginger onion is also an ingredient having anti-inflammatory properties which is very effecting in treating heat boil trouble.

  • Apply onion juice to your grown boil or you can also use onion slices in your salad it makes your body free from heat boil painful troubles.


GARLIC – Garlic is consider as another effective natural ayurvedic ingredient which prevents you from heat boils and it has many more skin benefits also.

  • Garlic juices help you if you apply it on affected areas. And if you consume 2-3 garlic in a day you can enhance the healing capacity of your body in heat boil problems.


TEA TREE OIL- Tea tree oil can provide you benefits in almost all type of skin problems including heat boil problems.

  • Just need to apply 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to affected areas after shower it gives u instant relief from pain caused due to heat boil and apply very safe in using never produce any side effect.


NEEM – Neem is consider as a natural herbal tree and it also use in medical profession from ancient time . It also works effectively in many skin problems like itching heat boil etc.

  • Boil some neem leaves in little amount of water and then apply this paste on affected areas of heat boil and cover it with some clothes it helps in faster recovery from heat boil problems.


These are some natural ayurvedic remedies having no side effects and easy to use which helps you treating heat boil problems .


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