Avoid dandruff using baking soda

Avoid dandruff using baking soda

We all people face the problem of hair and any type of problem related to hair dandruff is one of them. This is a mazer dry scalp problem. To treat this problem we can use so many different type of shampoo and market available harsh chemical which only work temporary and make hair harder and problem of dandruff as it is. We want to try some new products to get rid out of this but can’t do because of less knowledge about products quality. We use different home remedy and making soda is one of them it’s give you complete treatment on dandruff and help to get rid out of this problem easily at home.


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Baking soda for dandruffbaking soda for dandruff is  best remedy to treat dandruff. In baking soda we found low ph balance. It will provide natural ph balance to your scalp. It will help you to remove dead skin from head which produce dandruff. The bacteria which produce fungi and dandruff baking soda can reduce the growth of this. It will itch little bit but help to get rid out of from the problem of dandruff and also reduce other type of hair and allergic problem also. it will reduce the problem of dandruff completely from scalp and give you healthy scalp.


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How to use baking soda for dandruff:-

  • First start with wash your hair properly.
  • Then take a bowl and pour some table spoon of baking soda in this and pore some water in this baking soda powder.
  • Mix both of them together till it makes a thick paste.
  • Apply this thick paste on head and gently massage for 15 min.
  • Massage the paste gently on scalp for some time and scrub it properly by using your finger tips.
  • After some time massaging hair wash hair with using shampoo and conditioner.




Use of this baking soda trick can give you a complete treatment to get rid out of from the problem of dandruff completely and give you a healthy scalp.

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