Attractive Makeup tips for different Lip Shapes

Attractive Makeup tips for different Lip Shapes

Face Makeup has become one of the most essential things in today’s modern world. Lots of face creams, foundations, highlighters, lips sticks are introduced every “now and then” in the Beauty market. Among that, Lip makeup is a very important thing and it can also be said as a “Finishing touch” to your entire makeup. The whole face makeup becomes meaningful only when you apply lip stick according your skin tone and lip shape.

Thus, here you can find few interesting Lip makeup tips for different lip shapes.


  • Upper Heavy lips:

These lips are also called as “Top heavy lips” where upper lip is little thicker than the lower lip. Most of the women in India have this type of Upper heavy lips. But however, a right kind of Lip makeup can make their upper heavy lips more beautiful.

Let us check that in below steps:

  1. Just start with lip liner from the center of your lips and highlight the natural outline area of both the lips.
  2. Now use a bright color Lip stick and apply it in the lower lip.
  3. Then apply the same lip stick with slightly darker tone to the upper lip.
  4. This will create an illusion of smaller lip look and will show both lips to be even and balanced.



  • Lower Heavy Lips:

Lower heavy lips are something that is actually attractive and pretty. But most of the women like to hide their bottom heavy lips. When lower lips are thicker than that of the upper lips then it is called as “Lower Heavy lips”.

Here is a wonderful trick that may help you to expose your lower heavy lips even and attractive.


  1. Apply same lip color in the bottom and top of the lips.
  2. Now apply a matte finished eye shadow or dab of white pencil only to the center of the Upper lips.
  3. This will give you a look of evenness to both your lips thus helping in hiding your lower heavy lips.



  • Thin lips:

Thin lips are one of the lip shapes which require less time to color up. Thin lips are actually hot but most of the girls want to expose their lips thicker. Thus, here are the tricks for hiding your thin lips.

  1. Use a lip liner and start applying it outside your natural lip line.
  2. Apply it to the both outline of the lips and smoothly smudge it.
  3. Now apply softer color to your upper lip and darker color to your lower lip.
  4. Blend everything using a clean soft brush and make it even.
  5. This will give you a look of fullness and attractiveness thus hiding your thin lips.



  • Small Lips:

If you have small lips, then it is really a gift. Small lips can actually be cute and dazzling. To make this type of lip more prominent and perfect let us check a trick below:

  1. You can make use of different lip sticks that are glossy, shiny, shimmery and frosty which will make your lips more prominent.
  2. Use brighter but softer colors to highlight the beauty of small lips.
  3. Always do not make use of darker lip colors for smaller lip shapes since this will make lips to appear much smaller.



  • Overlarge Lips:

Overlarge lips may cause you uncomfortable feeling sometimes. But when right choice of lip color applied wisely over “larger lips” it becomes the highlighter of the women’s face. Thus, let us check few tricks to hide the over large lips.

  1. Always make use of softer lip color with rich matte consistency.
  2. Never ever make use of bright lip colors.
  3. You can also apply a hint of face foundation to your edges of the lips to blur the natural lip line.



  • Uneven Lips:

If the upper and lower lips have different shapes then you call them as uneven lips. The trick for this type of lips are

  1. Apply the lip liner on the outline of both sides of the upper lip perfectly.
  2. Apply the same to the outline of both sides of the lower lip.
  3. Smudge this lip liner very carefully to cover the uneven areas thus giving a look of perfect shaped lips.
  4. Now apply any colored lip stick to add more beauty to your lips.

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