In the modern world, we use everything that looks modern to us. And also in food habits, we fondly buy those products that have a modern look. In order to save time and add something new to our taste buds, we choose many instant packed recipes. Irrespective of the ingredients and preparation procedure, we only concentrate on the taste and time management. Even house wives and mothers go with such modern prepared stuff packages instead of preparing healthy breakfast. There are so many corn flakes products in the advertisement area explaining that is good for breakfast.


What are Corn Flakes made of?

The Corn Flakes has its origin in Michigan, the United States; created by W.K. Kellogg. The major ingredients are Corn, malt flavored, sugar and fructose corn syrup in high level. These ingredients result in high level of Glycemic Index. Such consumption of high GI would increase the risk factors of diabetes or obesity. The protein content is low and it couldn’t last long; the high sugar content helps in fat storage even though there is low fat.


Nutrition value of Corn Flakes:

Our daily value is that of our calorie needs. A 100 g of Corn Flakes contains 357 Calories. It contains 0.4 g of total fat, 0 mg of cholesterol, 729 mg of Sodium, potassium of 168 mg, 84 g of total Carbohydrates, 3.3 9 of Dietary fiber, 10 g of sugar, 8 g of protein, 0% of Calcium, 35% of Vitamin A, C and D, 90% of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12, magnesium with 9% and iron with 160%.

A single serving of 1 cup with 25 grams of corn flakes serves 21.7 gm of carbohydrates, 3 g of sugar, 1.7 g of protein and very low fibre with 95 calories.


Corn flakes for weight gain:

The ingredients of corn flakes is sugar and malt flavor; the fructose syrup rich in sugar which is not healthy when we add further sugar with the corn flakes in our breakfast. Our body cells need glucose to live. But intake of sugar at high levels leads to many health problems. The over income of sugar will find place for diabetes, tooth problems and gift obesity. There is a scientific saying that more sugar is said to be the lack of nutrients and that would increase weight, leading to obesity and risk factors of heart diseases. WHO- World Health Organisation has instructed to reduce the amount of sugar intake to 5% as for total daily calories. The reduced level of sugar intake would prevent tooth problems, obesity and risks at heart diseases.


Are Corn Flakes good for Diabetes?

Corn Flakes already have high Glycemic Index. It will surely increase the blood sugar level in our body. It would increase the demand for insulin and results in type 2 diabetes risk factors. Corn is healthy, but the ingredients would result in creating such health problems. The major mistakes we do are, adding honey and further sugar to the flakes. So the increase in level of sugar content automatically leads to sugar related diseases.


Corn Flakes for Weight Loss:

For those who use corn flakes to reduce weight, the instructions given in the package would be more helpful. They usually give how much to be consumed per day. They recommend 30 g of corn flakes to be taken with 125 ml of skimmed milk. but we people never follow such instructions and eat more and gain weight instead of losing weight.


Corn Flakes for Weight gain:

Corn flakes contain low protein content and it makes you hungry. To fulfill the hunger, you again go for kitchen and add some more to fill stomach that would automatically increase weight. Take corn flakes with whole milk instead of skimmed milk to gain weight.



Stay close with fruits as bananas, apples, berries. Take protein rich food that would increase insulin secretion and helps in normalizing blood sugar level. Take fiber rich food to be healthy and loose weight.


Note: Consult your doctor, if you care for your health. Kindly, Try to leave the habit of choosing on your own.

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