Amazing lip stick Tricks you should know

Amazing lip stick Tricks you should know

Lips are the most luscious and sexy part of woman’s face. No matter, whatever the skin tone is, every woman is interested in applying lip stick that best suits them. Lip stick cannot be seen just as a beauty tool which enhances the outer appearance. But beyond that, it is a tool that boosts up the confidence and makes you feel great, comfortable and happy for your looks.

Thus, do not forget to apply lip stick wherever you go. Carry lip stick tools such as lip balm, lip scrub, lip gloss along with your favorite lip shades in your hand bags.

So, below let us see few amazing tricks that every woman must know:

  1. Choose the right lip liner:

Some of them do not like to apply same lip liner color as that of their lip stick. Those people can make use of white or nude lip liner which keeps your lip stick color intact without giving you a feel of applying a lip liner.


  1. While having drinks:

Generally, your lip makeup gets spoiled when you eat or drink something. Thus, this can be avoided by making use of straws as far as possible to maintain your lip makeup for a long time.

Similarly make use of forks, spoons, knifes and eat smaller portions of meal to safe guard your lip make up.


  1. Choose the right lip stick color for your hair:

Nowadays, different types of hair color creams have been introduced in the market. Hair colors such as brunette, blonde, red head, golden shaded and so on are the current trend in the fashion industry. Thus, it is very important to choose the right lip stick color for your hair color. So, let us check different lip stick colors for different types of hairs.

  • Blonde: Peachy pink and coral colored lip sticks go great with Blonde types of hair.
  • Red head: Cool red and berry pink color go great with red head hair color.
  • Brunette: Bright orange and fushias look great with the Brunette colored hair.


  1. Choose the right concealer:

Just apply the light shaded concealer around the edges of your lips and do not pull it inside your lips. This is done to keep your lip color intact and it prevents the color from bleeding.


  1. Highlight your cupid’s bow:

Generally, in any lip makeup, to expose your lips more gracefully the cupid’s bow of your upper lips is highlighted by applying the lip liner in “x” pattern. Just draw a diagonal from one end of Cupid’s bow and opposite diagonal crossing from other end of the Cupid’s bow thus both strokes crossing downwards in a “X” shape.


  1. Turn your lip stick to lip balm:

In winter seasons, some of your lip stick colors would dry out and thus cannot be used regularly. In such cases, make use of lip sticks as lip balms which will act as perfect replacer.


To do this more perfectly, mix little petroleum jelly with old lip stick and heat it so that it starts melting. Transform this into a small container and set this into the refrigerator. This acts as an excellent homemade lip balm.


  1. Broken lipstick:

Please do not get rid of your broken lip stick. You can re-use this lip stick by heating the broken piece using a lighter. Now re-fix the handle of the lip stick to it and put it in refrigerator for one hour. Now, the lip stick is all set for re-use.


  1. Change any lip stick to matte finish lip stick:

As soon as you finish applying lip stick smear you finger in the same colored powdered blush and gently rub it on your lip color. This will turn any lip stick color to a “Matte finish” lip stick look.


  1. Worried about lip stick stains?

You may definitely get upset when you find lip stick stains in your favorite shirts or white clothes. To remove this, there is an easy trick using the hair spray. Just spray few doses of hair spray in that stained area. Now, wait for couple of minutes to wipe it with cotton cloth. Do this until the color is completely removed. To your surprise, you can find that the stains are removed completely.


  1. Make use of Lip stick as blush:

You may wish to use the same color of blush on your cheeks as that of your lip stick color. In such cases, gently rub little lip stick color with first two fingers and smoothly rub it around your cheek areas. Now blend it using a brush and apply little moisturizer if it is too dark.


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