Amazing Face Packs For Dry Skin During Summers

Amazing Face Packs For Dry Skin During Summers

Summer brings oily skin and it is mandate to use a face pack. But individuals with dry skin can face real challenge even in summer. Skin becomes dry due to dehydration. In summer the skin is quite prone to dehydration. Hence dry skin tends to get drier. You need to protect your skin from the hot sun.

Apart from maintaining the water balance in your body you have to indulge in making your skin more radiant so that the rays of the sun cannot affect your dry skin directly. Certain face packs can be used which are especially purposeful for dry skin in summer.



A face pack must have the quality of cleansing your skin completely as dirt and grime are quite common to be accumulated during summer. Papaya provides a helping hand in this. It is best known to maintain the moisture balance of the skin. Also the pack involving papaya is quite simple to make.

Take few small pieces of ripe papaya and mash them into a paste. Mash thoroughly, to get an even and smooth paste. Apply the paste all over the face. Put big pieces of cotton on the face as the paste is likely to drip. Alternately you can use cotton balls also. Relax your face for about fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash off.

For extra nourishment you can mix honey and lemon juice into the papaya paste.



Yogurt helps in restoring the moisture of the skin and gives a natural glow. With minimum number of ingredients the pack can be made and hence lesser effort is required. Yogurt is highly beneficial for the dry skin in summer.

Take two spoons of yogurt in a clean bowl and add one spoon of honey to it. Mix well to give it a perfect blend. Apply on the entire face and then allow it to become dry. After it is completely dried, wash off with cool water and pat dry.

You can add ripe strawberries to the pack for brightening the skin.



Almonds are always good to consume. But did you know that you can use them as a face pack too??? Well, of course. The natural vitamin E oil present in the almonds helps in wiping away dryness.

Take around ten almonds and soak them throughout the night. Welcome the next day and remove the almonds from the water. Grind them and make a smooth and even paste. Add few drops of rose water to it. Blend well to get a thick paste so that it can stay on your skin without dripping. Apply on the face and leave it to dry. After it is dried, wash it off with cool water and pat dry.



Oats are healthy to consume and simple to use as a face pack. Dry skin often leads to the cracking and break out of the membrane. Oats help to repair this break out and heal the skin completely.

Take small cucumber pieces and grind them. Filter it out to remove the residue. It is the juice that we require. Take three spoons of oats in a clean bowl. Add the cucumber juice to it. Stir well by simultaneously adding a spoon of yogurt to it. Your pack is now ready.

Apply on the face and neck and leave it to dry. When it is dried completely wash the pack off and observe the instant glow.


These are certain highlighted packs. You can use more seasonal fruits such as peach and watermelon for the softness of the skin. These packs would remove dryness and give you a fresh and bright look. Hence you can now have a radiant skin in summer even if you have a dry skin.

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