During summers hot and humid condition can make our life very hard and it affects your skin as well. In summers over exposure of your skin in sun rays can leads to many skin related problems like acne, pimples, blemishes, premature aging of skin ,wrinkles and many more .But thanks to nature which provide us such natural ingredients which helps us in every season and every condition. Here we are discussing about Cucumber which is very important kitchen ingredients especially during summer. It is just not beneficial for your health but it also equally beneficial for your skin also. It helps in proper digestion as well as it helps to maintain your body temperature as well.



As we discuss earlier that cucumber is one of the most important kitchen ingredient especially during summers it helps your body as well as your skin. You just need one medium sized cucumber which is consider as a most important and effective ingredient of this recipe. First you cut and peel the cucumber and finally for recipe grate it. Chilled cucumber is more beneficial for this purpose .Now add 1 tea spoon of coconut oil to this grated cucumber but if you have oily skin so make sure the amount of oil should kept minimum. Now add another important ingredient which like cucumber also has a lot of properties which helps your skin in preventing many skin problems –Aloe Vera gel. Aloe vera helps in cleansing of your skin and also helps to provide soothing sensation to your skin. Mix all these ingredient well .Each ingredient of this recipe is very effective and helps you to provide healthy and fresh, glowing skin after a long hectic busy day. Apply this recipes on your face and neck properly and let the recipe settle down .And after 5 to 10 minute wash your face with water.



  • This recipe helps your skin to provide proper space to breath and helps to look fresh after a long hectic day you have in office.


  • This recipe helps you in reducing the effects of sun tan which is very common because of hot and humid condition of this month.


  • This recipe also helps in remove such unwanted dirt from your face which leads your skin to many skin problems like acne, pimples and many more.


  • This mixture helps you reducing dark circles around your eyes, prevent your skin from getting dull and dry .This recipe helps your skin looks refresh and radiant.


This is an effective, simple and safe to use, low cost recipe which helps your skin by curing many skin troubles and make your skin look so healthy and fresh. Though you can use this recipe in any time of year but because in hot and humid summer the sun rays damage most to your skin so this recipe helps you a lot and helps to enjoy summer. The best part of this recipe is any of us can make this recipe easily at home .the natural ingredients which we use in this recipe is very cheap in cost and easily found at everybody’s house and all the ingredients are natural so no side effects of using this recipe at all. In this busy and hectic life this recipe is very good because it is effective and you can made it at home very quickly .So hopefully this article helps you in treating your skin with cucumber and oil face packs and helps you in getting rid from skin problems and helps you in getting fresh ,fair and flawless skin.

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