Amazing Cucumber and Oil Face Mask Recipes To Heal Your Skin

Amazing Cucumber and Oil Face Mask Recipes To Heal Your Skin

Oily skin is a bad nightmare; nobody wants to see but lot off people suffering from this but we have lot of home remedies who help to fight from these problems, Cucumber is one of them.

I think Cucumber is an amazing vegetable we have, because of its rich contain of water, it has 94% water, it’s really a great amount, it has minerals and vitamins. Cucumber can remove all the impurities and oil from your skin and make it supple and neat.

I have some magical home-made remedies which can control extra extinct of oil and gives you a fair skin.


  • Cucumber-beetroot face pack: Beetroot and cucumber is a great combination to get rid from oily skin and having a soft and clean skin. For making this outstanding pack you need very few ingredients to have. Take a look:
  1. Cucumber
  2. Beetroot (a small size)
  3. Lime juice (2 tea spoon)
  4. Oat meal (2 spoon)
  5. Blander


Take cucumber and beetroot and peel both the items, take half cucumber and a small sized beetroot put both items in the blander and squeezes fresh lime on that and bland it. Make a paste. Place this paste on a bowl and add oat meal into this, mix it well and make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your face and neck, infect if you gets sun ten then you can apply it on your back side too, it can gives you fabulous result. After 30 minutes remove it with the cool water and apply a good moisturizer.


  • Cucumber-Marigold face pack: Marigold is a great controller of oil. It will clean your skin pores and make your skin glowing and such oil free.
  1. Cucumber (half and peeled)
  2. Marigold flower (one fresh flower)
  3. Honey (1 spoon)
  4. Orange juice (1 spoon)
  5. Blander


Put all the ingredients in the blander and make puree. Apply this puree on your face and neck evenly and remove after 30 minutes. Do repeat this twice and thrice in a week. It will remove all the pigmentation and acne problem and will control extra oil.


  • Neem-Cucumber face pack: Neem has anti-bacterial contain,Neem cucumber is another an awesome combination for your skin. for transforming you skin worst to wonderful just do apply this face pack every week for better result.
  1. Neem leafs (10 to 15)
  2. Cucumber (half and peeled)
  3. Gram flour (2 table spoon)
  4. Fresh curd (1 spoon)
  5. Turmeric (1 pinch)


Wash and clean all the Neem leafs, put leafs and cucumber in the blander and at the same time some turmeric too and bland it and make a puree, place it in a bowl and add some gram flour and mix it well. After it look like a paste apply it on the face and neck for 20-30 minutes and after that wash it off. Apply a good moisturizer.


  • Tomato-cucumber face pack:to beat oily skin and win a flawless and fair skin this is must do recipe for you
  1. Red tomato (one)
  2. Cucumber (half and unpeeled)
  3. Sandal wood powder (2 spoon)
  4. blander


Cut the tomato and cucumber in the paces and put into the blander and bland it well, put this puree in the bowl and add some sandal wood powder, mix it well. You can add some honey into the mixture. Apply the paste on your face and neck. Put 2 cucumber slices on your eyes to feel fresh feeling. Remove the pack after it gets dries. Do repeat this remedy two times in a week and get relief from all the oil problems.

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