Amazing Benefits of Quinoa for Skin, Hair and Health

Amazing Benefits of Quinoa for Skin, Hair and Health

Quinoa is an extremely important thing to maintain a good health and a good skin and hair as well. Let us see the health benefits of quinoa in a nutshell:

1.Helps to heal the damaged tissue: Lysine, an essential amino acid is found in quinoa. It helps to synthesize elastin as well as collagen. It needs to be mentioned that lysine is not synthesized in our body and so needs to be provided from outside, by the diets you have. It helps to heal damaged tissues and that too fast.

2.Imparts elasticity and forms connective tissue: Riboflavin is also found in quinoa and this imparts elasticity to your skin thus making it soft. It even helps to form connective tissue.

3.Anti-ageing treatment for face: You can as well prepare a face pack from quinoa. Apply it to your face and then rinse off with warm water. Within a short time you will get a smooth as well as glowing skin. The face pack made from quinoa will make your skin smooth toned.

4.Replenishes your skin from inside: If you consume quinoa seeds, then your body will get good amount of collagen that will help to rejuvenate your skin. It even helps to reduce wrinkles as well as other symptoms of ageing. It makes your skin soft and supple.

5.Helps to reduces dark spots and pigmentation: Quinoa has high amounts of vitamin. It helps to prevent formation of melanin clusters to reduce dark spots as well as pigmentation.

6.Treats Acne: Quinoa helps to cut down the production of sebum and helps in the treatment of acne.

7.Protection of Hair Follicles: Quinoa has very high amounts of proteins. This makes it an excellent remedy for maintaining good hair follicle.

8.Protection of Hair Shaft: Quinoa all the essential amino acids. These help to strengthener as well as protect the hair shaft.

9.Helps in growth of hair: If you consume quinoa on a daily basis you will definitely be benefitted since it helps in the fast growth of hair.

10.Helps to fight dandruff: Quinoa is very much rich in calcium, phosphorus as well as iron that help a lot in combating dandruff.

11.Nourishes your scalp: Due to severe pollution often it has effects on your scalp. So, from next time if you are worried about your scalp start taking quinoa.

12.Helps fight split ends: Quinoa is extremely rich in proteins and it helps to fight split ends effectively.

13.Helps to keep the original color of your hair: Quinoa has loads of essential amino acid one of them being tyrosine. This amino acid helps to maintain the color of your hair.


What are the health benefits of quinoa?–


  1. Supplies Vitamins: Quinoa is a storehouse of plenty of vitamins, and as we all know vitamins is very important to our body, so you must take quinoa.
  2. Treatment of Diabetes: Quinoa is often associated with the treatment of diabetes in patients.
  3. Helps to prevent Heart Stroke: Quinoa, being rich in high amounts of fiber as well as proteins, helps a lot to prevent heart problems and strokes.
  4. Helps to lose Weight: Quinoa has lesser amount of calories as compared to other foods and hence is a major factor that may help you to cut down your extra weight.


How to store quinoa?–

Quinoa is not easily made available In India it is hardly found. It is mainly imported from South America as well as Bolivia. It is then sold in airtight containers. It should be protected from sunlight so as to maintain its good quality.

While buying quinoa seeds, it should be kept in mind that buying small quantities will also benefit you.


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