Amazing Beauty Hacks To Formulate Makeup Remover Naturally

Amazing Beauty Hacks To Formulate Makeup Remover Naturally

Having a good make up ideas and applying those perfectly is really not an easy task but our all creative gone when we come on the section of make-up removing. You have to remove make up so masterly and softly otherwise you can get lot of skin problems. The way every skin need different type of make-up and make-up products just like that formulate idea of removing make-up is also different. I’ll tell you the amazing and effective beauty hacks to formulate make-up remover naturally.


  • Formula no. 1 – Home-made make up remover’s no doubt keeping you safe and they are so cheap to afford.

Here I’m sharing with you some natural remedies to make natural make-up remover. The


list of Ingredients you will need:

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Olive oil
  3. Cotton pads or cotton wipes (the choice is yours, take 10 wipes)
  4. Raw milk
  5. A Scissors
  6. A jar (to keep it safe)
  7. Spoon


Let’s begin to make natural home-made make up remover: Take cotton wipes, and cut it each in for flinders, because then it’s being easy to handle. Then put all the cotton wipes flinders in a dry and well cleaned bowl. The bowl must be sanitized otherwise wipes can be in contact with bacteria’s. So let’s start with hygienic bowl and wipes, then put half cup of raw milk into the bowl, milk gives your skin a creamy texture and make it soft and let soak cotton wipes all the milk, then cast 3-4 spoon of olive oil over the wipes, olive oil has properties of regenerate your skin, and it’s really 100% genuine and natural. So after casting olive oil deliver some coconut oil, we all knows coconut oil makes your skin smooth and hydroid. So put it on cotton wipes. After that leave the wipes for 10 minutes so that it will absorb all the milk and oils into it, then take a spoon and press wipes so additional oil can be throw out and now this wipes are ready to use.


First take wipes and see the oils and milk drain away or not. If it’s still so wet then press it again. And then start removing your make-up. This is so natural way to remove and wipes can remove your make-up so deeply and unambiguous. A deep cleaning is so important for your skin otherwise your skin pores will block with outer impurities and can’t breathe & makes worst situation. So do not take chance and never sleep with make-up.

After cleaning with milk wipes then you can wash your face with water.


  • Formula no. 2:

Ingredient you needs:

  1. Cotton balls
  2. Almond oil

If you want to remove eye make-up or face make-up you can use it for both. Accept removing make-up it will give you relief if you get irritation or itching or anything on face.
This is also very safe and makes your skin soft and supple at the same time.

Take cotton ball and clean it with the cold plain water, press it tight for remove water, then cast 10 drops of pure Almond oil and slowly & softly rub on face to remove make-up from eyes and face.

Perhaps 1 cotton ball is not enough for it then take another and do the same with this also.


I just hope this natural remedy is appropriate for you and have justified with your skin and you look always fresh and beautiful. We just want to care of you.
so try once this remedy to make the natural and best face makeup remover.

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