Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

Hair play a important role for a person’s look. Everyone wants beautiful hair. But they don’t pay a proper attention about their hair. Lack of nutrients in diet can affect badly your hair. Apart of this a lot of factors like itching, dandruff, dust, pollution, use of harsh chemicals, and prolonged exposure to the sun beams may also negatively affect your scalp. Thus it is mandatory to avoid these factors. Sometimes you notice that you are taking lot of precautions, but still your hair fall. This might be due to your family background. Or simply can say your family members would be suffered from a serious hair fall diseases and it transmits to you by your parents. This type of diseases is termed as alopecia.

Alopecia is a medical disease in which your hair start to fall out regularly. Normally hair fall from some portions of your head, but in some cases it covers all of your head. This may lead to you a stage of complete baldness. Although in this situation you loss your hair from your head but it can also affect hair fall from other parts of body. It is a type of auto immune disorder . you hair start to fall suddenly from your scalp . People with family history of this disorder may suffer this problem very soon.  Heredity complex is frequently responsible for that. Although this disease has no cure, but by taking some appropriate precautions you may able to prevent further hair loss. Alopecia is an uncertain type of disease. When it arises and for how much time it will remain, we can not imagine it. Although its effect varies from person to person. We have seen a lot of cases where people loss hair regularly. In some cases they able to grow back their hair but it falls again. So it is totally unpredictable.


Signs of alopecia:

It causes hair fall and make a person fully bald. It is believed that this disorder arises due to their relatives having this type of disorder. Chances of alopecia become more if one of your family member is being suffered with this.  First hair start to fall from a smaller section of your scalp but its rate increases very soon and hair start to loss from other body’s parts too.


Treatment for alopecia-

It is well known that baldness is a serious problem and it takes too much time to grow back hair again. But if you are in a initial stage of alopecia then certain treatments can be taken to cure it. If you are finding that you are losing hair continuously, then don’t be lazy and visit a dermatologist.  However there are treatment that prevent your hair loss.


  1. Using minoxidil  –

Topical minoxidil solution can not be effective for those who have very much hair loss. But who have some patches on scalp it can be applied. For best results some cortisone cream should also be mixed in this solution.  Topical minoxidil is a very good option to cure alopecia. It does not has any side effect at all and does not lower the blood pressure.


  1. Using ointment:

Ointment is a best product for treatment of psoriasis. It is also widely used to cure alopecia. If you have some hair less patches on your scalp, then apply ointment cream on it. Allow to sit this for one hour and then wash your head with a mild shampoo.

It should be noted that ointment may cause of irritating, so wash your hands properly after its use.


  1. Corticosteroid pills or injections:

Corticosteroid can be provided by both either by pills or injections. This is a very easy and useful treatment for excessive hair loss. Injection is to be inserted by doctor around bare patches of scalp. The new hair grow after a month of this treatment. It is the best method among all treatments and is very popular today.

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