A Simple Daily Routine For Dry Skin

A Simple Daily Routine For Dry Skin

Attentive care is crucial for a dry skin as dryness can cause severe damage to skin. Dryness highlights our signs more than moisturized skin. Dryness of skin also cause rashes, itching, irritation & more related problems. Therefore you should deliver proper moisture to your dry skin through various means. Whetherit’s about using moisturizing products or any home remedy. For helping you fight skin dryness and have nourished skin we are sharing the daily skin care routine that you should opt.


Easy Daily Routine Tips for Dry Skin–

Morning to During the Day Routine:


  • Wash your face with lukewarm water. Avoid using cold water as it promoted locking of skin pores thus preventing moisture to nourish your skin.


  • Once you have splash of lukewarm water on your face, apply a dry skin cleanser to your face and massage gently. Then rise with lukewarm water.


  • Once you pat dried your skin apply a layer of quality moisturizer to your face. Moisturization will help to nourish your skin making it smooth, soft and dryness free.


  • If you are going out and getting exposed to Sun then apply a quality sun screen protection lotion to your skin. This is crucial as damaging ultraviolet rays of Sun are highly dangerous for skin. So sun screen will protect your skin from UV rays keeping your skin hydrated.


  • During the day or after 3-4 hours later the above mentioned routine again apply a thin layer of moisturizer to your skin. As skin may get dry within this time period and it’s not a good idea to leave the skin dry any time.


  • If your lips also get dry then you should use quality lip balm or if you are using lipstick or lip-gloss then first you should apply a layer of lip balm after that you can use your lipstick. This way you lips will also get necessary moisture.


  • Always keep a water bottle with you and drink as much water as you can. Because water helps to eliminate toxins from our body thus nourishing body with essential moisture and eliminating dryness.


  • You should have a healthy lunch daily. Avoid eating fast foods as much as you can and add leafy vegetables and fruits to your diet. Vegetables and Fruits contain active nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids that are healthy to promote moisture of the skin thus reducing dryness.


  • Once during the day clean your face with tissue or cotton to eliminate dirt and damaging particles. And then again apply a thin layer of moisturizer to the skin.


Routine before Going to Bed:

  • Before winding up your day you should drink a cup of milk daily as milk is also one of the best diet that you can have to give nourishing benefits to your skin. You can take strawberries with milk as they are extremely rich in antioxidants.


  • Before sleeping you should wash your face with lukewarm water. Once your face get wet, use a make remover that is specifically made for dry skin to remove your makeup.


  • Cleanse your face with appropriate dry skin cleanser.


  • After cleansing apply a thin layer of moisturizer. You can use a good night cream as well. It will help to give necessary moisture to your skin thus preventing dryness and dullness.


  • Also it is a good idea to keep water with your during night. Drink water every time you get awaked during night, so that you can have more water thus more hydration.


All the above mentioned steps are extremely easy to follow and will give you amazing results against skin dryness. But you need to quit laziness and follow this dry skin care routine strictly, if you are really looking to get rid of dry skin.

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