A Complete History Of Lipstick

A Complete History Of Lipstick

Lipsticks one of the beautiful and inseparable part of our makeup, absence of which does not complete the beauty of a women. A lipstick is basically a cosmetic product made up is several waxes and oils that give better texture, color and protection to our lips. But while using lipstick have you ever thought about where this idea of lipstick came from? Well, in this article weare going to share with your the complete history of lipsticks that you surely will be interested in.



It is said that ancient Sumerian people first introduced the idea of lipsticks. Around 5000 years ago they used to crush gemstones to decorate their faces and lips. About 3000-1500 BC, Indus valley Civilization women started applying red tinted lipstick to their lips.


United Kingdom:

Lip coloring became popular in England in 16th century. During the period of Queen Elizabeth I the trend of stark white face and bright red lipstick became popular and is followed by most of the women. Queen Elizabeth I was fond of lip makeup. Her lip color ingredients included gum Arabic, fig milk, cochineal and egg white.But at that time the lipsticks were not acceptable in respected women. It was just used by prostitutes or actors. But in the end of 19th century, a cosmetic company named Guerlain from France started manufacturing lipsticks. The first commercial lipstick was invented in 1884.


United States:

In 19th century the lipsticks were colored with carmine dye that was extracted from cochineal. Cochineal is basically an insect that resides in cactus plant. The lipstick at that time were applied using brushes. Carmine dye used in lipsticks was highly expensive and gave unnatural and too much dramatic shade. That’s why the lipsticks were mostly wore by only actors or actresses. In 1890, a new lipstick was created with a mixture of carmine, wax base and oil. This mixture gave comparatively natural shade to the lips and thus its was accepted by most of the women. In 1915 the lipsticks came in cylindrical metal containers, invested by Maurice Levy. But after World War II the metallic containers were replaced by plastic containers.



In 1000 BC, just like United States and United Kingdom the lipsticks were only used by prostitutes and actors in Greece as well. In 700 BC, people used to make their lipsticks by themselves using various ingredients like crocodile dung, flowers, blended berries, seaweeds and other resins.



Ladies in Rome were fond of purple red lipstick shades. In Rome men also used to wore lipsticks as an indication of their social status. Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi, a cosmetologist from Arab invented first solid lipstick.



Women in Egypt used to make a wide a variety of lipstick colors at home using ingredients like carmine, red ochre and other dyes. They also used various poisonous substances like, bromine mannite and iodine that caused several deaths at that time.



About 5000 years ago, ancient people of Mesopotamia used to crush their precious jewels to extract colors from them. The extracted colors were used by them to decorate their faces and lips.


Among various lip color shades dark red color was the most popular and trendy lip shade in 19th and 20th century. At that time lipsticks were only allowed to use for lunch but not for dinner. In several churches across Medieval Europe lipsticks were not allowed and these were just used by prostitutes.


So that’s the history of lipsticks from major countries in the world. Hope you found this article interesting. Stay updated with us and keep getting useful tips for maintaining your beauty and overall health.

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