5 Powerful Skincare Products You May Be Missing

5 Powerful Skincare Products You May Be Missing

When talking about skin care, I am sure all the things that would be coming in your mind would be costly cosmetic products, skin care products and makeup. But sometimes we get too much indulged in cosmetic products that we even forget to give the most basic care to our skin that it need to stay glowing and healthy from inside. You might be missing to use certain important products that actually can keep your skin protected from outside environment and skin damaging factors. So let’s have a look on such top 5 important products that you should not miss at all for giving protective care to your skin.


  1. A Sunscreen Protection with Zinc over 7-20%

Sunscreen is the most important product that you need not to miss in any condition when you are going to face Sun rays. As Sun rays in any season consist of harmful ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays can cause severe damage to your skin from sunburn, dark spot to sun spots, wrinkles, freckles and even skin cancer. So it is important to protect your skin from ultra violet rays. There are several sunscreen products available in market but applying any kind of sunscreen doesn’t mean that you are protected. Zinc is the component present in your sunscreen that actually protects your skin from UV rays. So always ensure that your sunscreen always contain 7-20% of zinc content. You may choose the sunscreen with zinc percentage as per your routine to stay in sun exposure.


  1. A Hat for Keeping Your Skin Protected from Sun Rays

A hat is not merely a fashion accessory but it has the capability to protect your skin basically your nose, forehead and head from sun rays. A baseball hat is the perfect type of hat that you can use while exposing to the sun. Fully brimmed hat is ideal to be used as it can hide your face and neck as well and keep them protected against various side effects of sun rays like wrinkled, dark spots, sunburn, sun spots and cancer as well. You can find numerous fashion and stylish hats that along with giving you strong protection will look gorgeous on you.


  1. A Solid Rash Guard Swim Shirt

Are you fond of swimming but afraid of facing sun rays? As your sunscreen will get washed if you apply it and then get into the water. But your rash guard is an excellent accessory that helps you in facing the sun quite comfortably without any fear of skin damage. Also by wearing a UV protected rash guard you will be only required to apply sunscreen on your legs, face and neck. Rest protection will be given to your skin by your protective swim shirt. While swimming you will feel quite comfortable and these also give cool looks.


  1. Sunglasses with UV Protection

After skin the other most important part that is affected by harmful sunrays is our eye. Due to the over exposure to sun rays, our eyes may feel a burning sensation, wrinkles around your eye skin or even your vision may get affected. So it is also important to protect your eyes as well. And thisprotection to eyes against sun can be given with quality sunglasses that are UV protected. Try to use sunglasses with large lenses as this will give protection to your skin present around your eyes. Make sure to apply sunscreen protection around your eyes to ensure complete protection.


  1. An Effective Body Scrub

You might be neglecting your body skin when we talk about scrub. Because we limit the scrub to our facial skin only. But having a full body scrub once or twice a week can actually make your skin smoother, silkier and healthy. It will also help to eliminate itching and rashes etc.


There are 5 important products that you might be missing in your routine. So make sure that you are using all these items and keeping your skin protected from damaging environment.

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