3 day cardiac diet

3 day cardiac diet

Today mostly people suffering from heart disease, it is a problem which affects people at every age. Do you think why this problem increases day by day? I think it is due to unhealthy lifestyle. But the problem arises when this disease affect you. How you can treat it and what you can do? people who are suffering with heart disease need extra care, so that’s why here we explain the diet which help you to lose weight which is essential in this disease because before going to heart surgery it is needed to lose weight.
Here we explain the 3 day cardiac diet which helps you to treat this problem.
This diet plan contains the unique food which helps to lose weight up to 10 pounds. This is a 3 day diet plan, if you follow this help you to lose weight.


Day 1:

Breakfast:- if we talk about the diet plan then it is always recommended that to avoid sweet fro diet the same thing is applying here.
1. Take tea or coffee without sugar.
2. After that now you can take grape fruit which is good for you.
3. Take a toast with butter, but take peanut butter because it is good for health.

Lunch:- Now this time you can again take the food with some food which is described below.
1. Take some drink which you like but unsweetened.
2. After that take a slice of bread with tuna.

Dinner:- at night you can take a little heavy diet which described below.
1. Take a drink tea or coffee which you like but unsweetened.
2. Take a cup of beans and oz of lean meal.
3. Now take some salad like carrots, beets, apple etc.
4. Take a cup of vanilla ice-cream.


Day 2:

Breakfast: – Now it’s time to describe the second day diet most of the things are same but little different.
1. Take unsweetened drink like tea or coffee.
2. With this take a slice of toast with egg and banana.

Lunch: – Lunch is also same like day 1 but little different.
1. Take drink as describe above.
2. Take this with a cup of tuna and cottage cheese, 5 saltine crackers.

Dinner: – As described before it is little heavy diet.
1. Take unsweetened drink like tea of coffee.
2. Take 2 hot dogs with salad like include broccoli or cabbage. With carrots also take a ice cream.


Day 3:

1. Take a drink like unsweetened tea or coffee.
2. Take a slice of cheddar cheese or 1 egg, 5 saltine crackers.
3. At last take a glass of apple juice.

1. Take drink like tea or coffee.
2. Also take a slice of toast, boiled egg and an apple.

1. Take drink like tea or coffee.
2. After that take a cup of chicken, tuna or turkey, a cup of cauliflower or beans with beets, carrots and a cup of cantaloupe or an apple.
3. At last eat a vanilla ice cream.
This diet helps you to lose weight, but if you found the affect after that or want to lose, more weight then try to resume this diet after break of 3-4 days. Remember to drink plenty of water which help to remove toxins from body. So try this diet and take benefits of that.

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