11 Ways to Banish the Bags under Your Eyes

11 Ways to Banish the Bags under Your Eyes

Are the bags under your eyes ruining the overall beauty of your eyes? Well thus is the common problems that a large group of women are suffering from. As your age increases these bags become more visible hindering your overall beauty. You can get rid of these eye bags even at your home. Here we are sharing some most effective solutions that can help you get rid of these ugly bags under your eyes.


Reduce Salt in Your Meal

Taking excessive salty mean may be one of the reasons of eye bags. As salt in our body encourages the body fluid to collect some of the part of our body like under the eyes. So it is important to take control over your salty food habits. 1 teaspoon or less salt a day is sufficient to take.


Curing Allergies

Fluid buildup many be due to seasonal allergies and hay fever. Cold, sinus and similar allergies cause same thing. And that may be the reason of your eye bags. So take appropriate medicines to treat all such allergies and you will be able to get rid of your puffy eye bags.


Neti – Great to Reduce Eye Bags

Neti is another great solution for eliminating appearance of under eye bags. For this you would need a small neti pot with a shape just like watering can or kettle. Put some salt water into this pot. Pour it into your one nostril and let it get out from the other. This procedure will help you recover from sinus and several allergies which are also causes of eye bags.


Easy Sleeping Position

Sleeping on the side of stomach may so insist all the body fluid to flow under your eyes and which in turn may cause baggy eyes. So try to sleep on your back and add pillow under your head.


Have a Good Night Sleep

Not having a good night is another reason of having eye bags. So always ensure that you are taking sufficient sleep and having complete night rest. A sound sleep will not let these eye bags appear under your eyes.


Remove Your Makeup before Sleeping

If you are using makeup on your face, then always remember to remove it before you go to bed. The makeup may irritate your eyes and make them water. As a result your eyes may get puffy causing visible eye bags.


Try Quality Eye Cream

There are lot of eye creams in the market specially meant for eye bags. These are made up for sensitive skin just like the part around your eyes. The active nutrients and ingredients in the eye cream help to reduce eye bags and also give treatment against eye wrinkles and fine lines. So try a good quality eye cream for curing eye bags.


Make Use of Cucumber

Cucumber offer great benefits to our eyes if utilized for their care. Put slices of cucumber on your eyes regularly and it will help to reduce the eye bags effectively. Cucumber consist of mid astringent and carry other skin lightening properties. Due to these properties your eyes’ skin may get great relief against puffiness.



Potatoes work in the same manner as cucumber does. Putting slices of potatoes over your eyes can help you in reducing your eye bags. Potatoes consist of antioxidants and useful nutrients that also take care of your eye skin against aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines etc. Try potatoes for your eyes and see the difference.


Using Used Tea Bags

Tea bags contain caffeine and antioxidants that help to reduce swelling in our eyes. These help to make the associated blood vessel shrink thus causing the eye bags to reduce slowly. Keep your used green tea bag on the freeze let it get chilled. Place the chilled tea bag on your eyes and keep for 10-15 minute. You will get great help in reducing your eye bags.


Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Consuming too much alcohol is also a reason behind puffy eyes. As it dehydrates your body and make your eyes area shrink and get swelled. So to treat your eye bags it is advisable not to consume too much amount of alcohol. Having 1 glass of wine is good.


Hope all these solutions would be helpful for you to get rid of your eye bags quite easily.

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